Ministry of Energy launches water, electricity training system

Tehran – Iran’s Ministry of Energy on Tuesday unveiled a comprehensive system of training and data analysis in the water and electricity industry at the entrance to the Ministry of Energy, known as Paven.

The ceremony was attended by officials and managers from the Ministry of Energy, energy-related companies and branches of the Ministry of Energy, as well as training institutes, IRB reported.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Energy, Mohamed Saleh Oliya, highlighted the need to develop information systems for scientific analysis in various fields of human resources, including training: “Accurate statistics and access to information require accuracy. There are many benefits to using a plan based on reality, and new ways to provide services on the Internet, rather than guessing.

Saleh-Olya said the use of the new system will create big positive changes in the industry and the benefits will be realized in the near future.

During the ceremony, the Chairperson of the Center for Energy and Water Training and Professional Development, Mohammed Raza Fada Tehranai, emphasized the important role of the Ministry of Energy in creating accurate, realistic and up-to-date reports and enhancing the benefits of information technology. To implement training courses and to provide electronic certificates together.

As reported, the “Water and Electricity Industry Training and Evaluation” overall system is designed to provide online educational services, create a community of water and electricity teachers, modernize educational content, unify training processes, and benefit from a variety of benefits. Providers inside and outside the Ministry of Energy.

To accelerate the issuance of electronic certification systems to reduce the cost of training services and to improve the quality and effectiveness of training and vocational training centers in power and water.



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