Minister of Housing Darrah O’Brien visited the NZEB Center in the Institute

Home Affairs Minister Darrah O’Brien TD was recently surprised to see him stop at the NZEB training center in Iniscotori during a one-day visit to Maxford County.

Accompanied by Min James Brown TD, the Minister met with Michael O’Brien and Shay Cummins, of NZEB, and Kevin Lewis, of WWETB.

Wakeford County Council members were delighted to have Clare Barbara-Ann Murphy accompanying Min O’Brien during the visit.

Near Zero Energy Construction, the highest level of training has been observed around the facility.

The center offers a wide range of courses focusing on energy-saving construction and all practices, not only ‘near zero’ in terms of energy efficiency, but also environmentally friendly in all other respects.

The center provides participants with a one-day basic cognitive course that provides knowledge on NZEB’s general principles and practices.

Government policies and building codes require that all professionals in the construction industry follow NZEB standards and have the skills to meet the requirements of a sustainable construction agenda.

Enniscorthy Training Center is the first of its kind in Europe to offer a complete set of NZEB, business related courses.

In addition to specialized skills such as brickwork, plastering, carpentry, electrical wiring, the center also offers courses in site supervision, ventilation, NZEB for construction workers and renovations.

The latter course is important in terms of modernizing older homes and buildings.

The Enniscorthy NZEB Training Center is one of the most innovative and sustainable practices in the United Nations Sustainable Energy Sector in the Zero Energy Building.

Min Obren praised the training provided by the center and its importance in the construction sector in general.

From 2019, all domestic and non-residential buildings in Ireland must meet the NZEB standard and this is one of the reasons why training at the Center in Enniscorthy is so important to the construction industry as a whole.

It was a point made to Min O’Brien during the visit.

The institute is based in NZEB, the first business-oriented training center for contractors in Europe, and is based on contributions from leading and industry partners, including content and curriculum content for local authorities, third-party institutions and housing, planning departments. And local government.

The courses are also certified by City and Guild and approved by the CIF. Anyone interested in learning more about courses at NZEB Training Center can email or email 051 301500.

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