Mikelson focuses on defending the Dominion Energy Championship.

“I’m trying to hit too far here, and I was No. 1 in the distance,” said Phil Mikelson before the first round of the Dominion Energy Charity Classic PGA Tour Championship game.

After attending this distance race, Mikelsen explained why it is so important to be on a Champions League tour.

“I want to fly and try 305 – because I’m a very good wrestler – so if I put it in my hand I will have a hard time winning,” he said.

He is right about it. He has won three of his four starts in more than 50 districts.

When it comes to distance stats, Michaelson is currently not on the PGA Tour Championship statistics list for driving distances, probably because he has not played enough rounds. But in PGA Tour statistics last year, he averaged 301.8 yards.

In the Champions League, it’s a different story. For the current season, Rift Gossen is leading the distance with just 298.2 yards, followed by Vijaya Singh with 296 and Ernie Els with 295.8. This means that while Michaelson has not had much of an advantage over the TGA when playing the PGA Tour, he has played the PGA Tour Champions. His average is better than any other player out of the game. It is true that he is one of the best wrestlers ever.

But he doesn’t see himself as a shoe this week. In fact, he thinks he would not have won if the course had been the same as last week.

“He’s playing differently than last year. The greens are tough and very fast. It’s a challenge. I have to be a little bit more patient and manage my game a little bit better,” he said.

Last year the green was so soft that it became very strong. This year, he has benefited from playing a few rounds on the course.

I have a better knowledge of the golf course, some hidden tactics and differences and where I want to be, where I don’t want to be and how to play hard. Approach to competition.

Mikelsen has repeatedly said that preparing for courses for the PGA Tour champions is not as difficult as it is on the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour slot locations are close to the green edges, and the courses are a little longer.

The difference is that he has to play more carefully on the PGA Tour, and it’s not much fun for him. Mikelsen is an aggressive player. PGA Tour championships make it so.

“It allows me to have fun and play here as I like, and when I play on a regular tour I try to get that back and I try to implement that kind of game,” he said.

The district of over 50 years has allowed him to spend time with his former friends and still be competitive in the “unbeatable” area.

We do not know how long Mikelson will spend on both tours in 2022, but he has five years of free time to win the PGA, although he has a lifetime of freedom with a huge number of victories. Twenty wins and 15 years of life on the PGA Tour is a milestone. For a short time, when he played Constellation Furyk & Friends, he said he was playing Dominion Energy and was not limited to Timber Tech, which is in early November in Boca Raton, Florida.

“If there is a PGA Tour event that I can play, it could be Boca Week, it could be in Mexico,” he said. I’m not sure what to do, but I can go to Boca, we’ll see. That’s all I have to decide. ”

The final of the year for the PGA Tour Champions is the Charles Shoab Cup at the Phoenix Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Mikelson qualified for the end of the season, one of 36 players. He will play at that event.

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