Midbill will receive 44 new faculties for the fall semester

Middlebury welcomes nine new content track faculty members representing a wide range of academic disciplines, including Black Studies, History, Biology, International Health, Studio Art, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Geology, and English and American Literature.

“I am delighted to welcome such a diverse group of scholars to our community,” said Sujata Morti, vice president of academic affairs and dean of teachers. “As part of a broader institutional commitment to preparing students for the world’s most challenging challenges, we have hired a faculty that will enable us to engage in global health, climate change, race and racism issues. We also have a team now. Strengthen our engagement with questions of maintenance and change lessons that contribute to our black study program.

An additional 35 faculty will join this position this fall, including visiting faculty, teachers, teachers, teaching assistants and teaching assistants.

The following will be included in the ownership-track areas of the Central Berry Faculty.

Sam Byron, Assistant Professor of Biology and World Health, received a bachelor’s degree in ecology from Hampshire College, Albany Public Health University and Ph.D. An epidemiologist who specializes in health disparities due to environmental injustice, Byron comes from the Department of Environmental Studies at St. Lawrence University in Midbrius, where he introduces environmental studies, pollution health effects, environmental epidemiology and natural history. He teaches epidemiology this fall.

Benjamin L. Cots, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, graduated from Stanford University with a postgraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Cots holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Berkeley University, and a BA in Chemistry from Carlton College. His research focuses on the next-generation spectroscopy of solar pleasures and display equipment. He has taught topics including electronics and photonics, general chemistry and quantitative analysis, and organic semiconductors for chemical structure and responsiveness.

Cree Davis, Assistant Professor in Black Studies, holds a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Austin, Texas. Their dissertation is entitled “Black Quarter Place-Re-Map Lessons.” From 2020–2021, Davis was a doctoral fellow at the University’s Center for Black, Brown, and Quarter Studies. In 2020, classrooms from UT received a certificate of leadership.

Viola H. Huang, Assistant Professor of Black Studies, received a PhD in History and Education from Columbia University Teachers College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, philosophy and history from German Constantine University. Huang’s research interests include African American history, particularly the civil rights movement and the Black Age. Education history in the United States, particularly black education and education as activism; And public history, especially black history representation in the United States and Germany.

Allison James, Assistant Professor of Geology, Palechematologist specializing in geochemistry, silt research and paleontography. She holds a PhD and MAAN from the University of Columbia in Earth and Environmental Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from McLean College. James was recently appointed as the lead researcher on global climate history using the $ 860,000 National Science Foundation. The grant supports student research projects and career development, prepares a new geochemistry laboratory at Middlebury, and provides students with opportunities to collaborate with project scientists at the Wood Hall Ocanographic Institute.

Elsa Mendoza, Assistant Professor of History, holds an MA and a PhD in History from Georgetown University. She is a historian of slavery and a passion for digital humanity. She is the co-editor of the Georgetown Slave Archive and recently co-edited it Facing Georgetown’s story – about slavery, memory, and reconciliation.

Matthew Schrarder, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, received a sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and the MFA from Barton College Graduate School of Art. Artist and teacher working in the field of sculpture, imagery and site-based intervention, Schrarder a Unique Exhibition Earlier this year, the New Pillar Museum in New York focused on landscaping, migration, and material memory. He also taught sculpture in the MFA program at the Milton Avenue Graduate School.

Ryan Cav Shelden, Assistant Professor of English and American Literature, holds a PhD in English from New York State University in Buffalo. He received his BA in English from Weslian University. He taught English, Buffalo, Essay, British Literature, Creative Writing, and Science Writing, which specialized in Reconstruction and 18th-century British literature. His article, “Epidemics, Political Literature, and History Production,” is in the near future. Eighteenth Century – Theory and Interpretation.

Liz Ulte, Assistant Professor of Geology, holds a PhD from the University of Michigan and a BS from Queen University. Their research focuses on physics and climate change in glaciers and glaciers.

Midbrel welcomes the following visiting teachers, practice professors, teachers, educators and teaching assistants:

Visiting Assistant Professors

Maya Bahav, PhD, Loyola University, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Heather Mason-Christ, PhD, Harvard University, Assistant Professor of Biology

Visit of Katherine Miller, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor of Physics

Catherine O’Brien, University of Pennsylvania, Visits Assistant Professor at First Year Seminar Program

Visit Kyle Saulner, DMA, New England Music Construction, Assistant Professor of Music

Phoebe Streblow, MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, Assistant Professor of Studio Art

Michael Striker, Assistant Professor of Hebrew


Harrison Hisyang 17, BA, Midbury College, Tourism Instructor in Neuroscience

Lisa Luna, MS. , University of Potsdam, visiting professor in geology

Alexandra (Sasha) Portes, MA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Tourist in Russian

Teachers and teaching spaces

Lauren Ash, Emris, University College, London, Laboratory Lecturer, Biology

George Roe Bodidi, Diploma, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, living artist in theater

Kyle Brudwick, MA, University of California, Berkeley, Lecturer in Anthropology and Seminar

Derek Burt 20

Maja Cannavo ’21, BA, Middlebury College, Assistant in Education, Computer Science

Mashi Chavez, Certified, East-West College, Portland, Living Artist

Matt Cosidin, MBA, Warton School, Professor of Operations

Diane Debela, MA, California State University, Lecturer, First Year Seminar Program

Logan Fisher, PhD, Iowa State University, Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry / Biochemistry

Marcus Gerke, MA, University of York, Toronto, Graduate, Sociology

Ruth Hardy, MPA, University of Texas, Austin, Professor of Political Science

Shu-Ching Huang, MA, National Taipei University of Education, Lecturer in Chinese

David Pratt, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Visitor Laboratory Professor

Roger Sandwick, PhD, Leigh University, Visit Laboratory Professor

Fayza Shammin ’20 .5, BA, Middlebury College, Assistant in Education, Film and Media Culture

Quway Song, MA 21, Middberry Institute, Monterrey, by Chinese teacher

Rebecca Wardolic, BA, Smith College, Assistant in Education, Computer Science

Language Learning Assistants

Emma Wooden ’17, BA, Middly College, Assistant Teacher, Chinese

Joseph Cando, MSA, AI Business School, Madrid, Assistant Teacher, Spanish

Lee Canu, teaching assistant, France

Robert Diverrshoff, Assistant Teacher, German

Veniceus Gurilha Alves, MA, University of Lisbon, Assistant Instructor, Portuguese

Mariat Kader, MA, Jordan University, Assistant Teacher, Arabic

Nastasia Kozuhuhova, BA, Russian State University, Assistant Instructor, Russian

Kokoro Nakasone, BA, International Christian University, Assistant Teacher, Japanese

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