MGG to promote research and education in energy science

Mahatma Gandhi University has taken steps to increase the demand for energy scientists and researchers.

The School of Energy Materials will begin M.Tech in Energy Science in March. The course is expected to help meet the needs of young researchers in the area. “The M.Tech course will equip students with the skills needed to succeed in sustainable energy science,” said Vice Chancellor Sabu Thomas.

“There is a shortage of trained manpower in the energy sector,” he said. We provide the best training for faculty members and students, ”said Mr. Thomas, Honorary Director of the School of Energy Materials.

Course introduction is first 10. The first two semesters will include lectures and laboratory classes at the university’s main campus. The next two semesters will be held abroad. Following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the university’s higher education and research institutions, students will have the opportunity to conduct research in international laboratories. International universities receive fellowships to complete the course.

Some areas of study include the basics of thermodynamics, material behavior techniques, polymers and nano-compounds, nano-science and technology basics, and nuclear energy technology.

Mr Thomas said the Varsity International and Inter-University Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology Center has intensified research to develop a variety of novel high-performance polymer nano-composite materials for electromagnetic interference applications.

The research team at the center has developed a patent for developing a polymer nano-composite material capable of blocking electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. The text can serve as a protection against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices.


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