Mentioned 10 times more “Climate Change” cake on UK TV – Report

A.D. “Cake” has been mentioned more often in British television shows than by “climate change” in 2020. The study shows that “banana bread” is a common word for “wind power” and “solar power”.

The report identifies more frequently than Albert, a Bafta-backed sustainability project, and individual measures such as recycling, which are more important than climate issues such as energy and transportation.

The terms – Climate Change, Climate Emergencies and Climate Crisis – were 14,540 citations, and to address the problem – Climate Justice, Climate Action and Climate Resolution – only 296 citations were combined..

The report is based on analysis of subtitles from nearly 400,000 major broadcasters, but does not include news outlets. He highlighted some of the scenes that addressed climate change, but said the broad reach of television shows meant that the industry was crucial to meet the country’s climate change target and needed to do more.

Climate change and global warming will decrease by 10% and 20%, respectively, by 2020. Albert’s director, Carris Taylor, said: “Climate change is a big issue in any regular year, but 2020 is not a normal year. “She has taken control of the media and the restrictions on the film have been shown to be more frequent and archived,” she said.


“But the television industry is critical to climate change,” he said. “Every genre and every program can play its part [and] There is a great deal of creativity for broadcasters to support the transition. Although it is easy to mention, this is extremely important [climate action] It has an effect on the soap. ”

Sandy Tokvich, president of the British Writers’ Union, said: They can shape, transform, and inspire us. Authors and content creators must take the lead in this battle to save our planet.

Renewable energy supplier Juliet Davenport, founder of Good Energy, said:[TV shows] We need to tell not only about the magnitude of the challenge but also about the interesting benefits of the solutions.

TV shows should focus more on the most influential events, says public participation organization Climate Access Suzy Wang. “The weather bell is ringing in the media and we have a very serious stage – the danger is here. We need more stories that prioritize the most effective solutions, such as reducing our flight, trying to eat a low-carb diet, and using less energy at home.

“We need to talk about how lifestyle changes relate to infrastructure and policies that help people move to a lower carbon footprint. And we have to talk about inequality in wealth, which means that some families are eating more than others on all continents.

Report By 2020, it has analyzed subtitles from all shows on BBC, Sky, IT, Channel 4, Channel 5 and UK TV. Climate change is mentioned 12,715 times, cakes are mentioned 10 times, 133,437 times. Mention of wind power By 2020, it has dropped 20% to 298 times and solar references have dropped from 23% to 304. In contrast, banana bread rose 37% to 770, and “golden fish” was mentioned 10,707 times.

Terms of individual behavior such as reuse, reuse, and veganism He became famous in 2020. However, waste is responsible for only 4% of UK climate change, but related terms are mentioned 43,715 times. By comparison, energy produces 21% emissions, but only 7,418 references. “There seems to be a link between high gas contributions and low levels of feedback,” the report said.

It highlights climate issues, the re-use of old clothes by the BBC’s British sewing bee, and the Channel 4 meat family, which combines families with animal husbandry, environmental and ethical issues, and animals to choose from. Or Not.

Taylor’s latest series of Top Show Motor Show shows an electric vehicle in each room. “It’s important not to tell anyone how to create and respect the freedom of editing,” she said, adding that Albert is providing free education and support to develop the industry to make those creative decisions for themselves.

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