MCC more spring semester starting October 25th

The Lifetime Encouragement Initiative offered by Makomb Community College, Combom will offer about 30 physical courses during the harvest semester from October 25 to November 19.

Each course lasts approximately two hours and 30 minutes are available for question and answer time. For a $ 75 subscription fee, you can enroll in up to 10 courses from technology to music to health. Each class is limited to 20 participants.

For his part, William Wood, Director of Cultural Affairs and Community Engagement at MCC, said: . During this semester, each additional member will have the opportunity to learn something new.

The courses cover a wide range of topics, including volunteer subject matter, the faculty of Comb, and the study of the services of an educated consumer, exploring services for seniors, and the history of the nuclear age. Some of the highlights of the harvest semester include:

• A Journey in Jazz – In 60 Minutes Around the World – Traveling the World, this course visits countries whose names, cities or characters are in the title track. Listen to legendary music from Tipperiaar from Ireland, Locke London, Scotland, and April from Paris, France. Presented by Jazz-loving Stuart Johnson.

• Waste, Waste Recycling, and Sustainability – This course covers a wide range of waste management practices in the United States, including federal and state regulation, waste disposal design and engineering, rainwater management, and recycling. Sociological perspectives on sustainability are also explored. Presented by Kathleen Klein, Community Relations Representative for Waste Management.

• George: How did Hiroshima – the nuclear age threshold – understand the hidden power of the atom and exploit it as a source of energy? What political and military forces have joined forces to use this article to create new and more powerful weapons? Why were the weapons used, and what is the legacy of the two nuclear attacks? Interactive approach addresses these and other questions. An in-depth student in David Tarant, marine architecture, military history and current developments in science and technology.

• World on your screen – Destroying popular social media platforms – Learn best practices for a safe and satisfying online experience. During these social media forums, participants learn ways to connect with others and engage in healthy conversations, and gain a better understanding of what to do when they enter. Presented by Bon Provencher and Tracy Gratkovsky Hinch Free on Digital Marketing Agency on Mount Klein.

In addition, it provides two tables where members will have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest from previous sessions and reflect on the program as a whole. All courses, including round tables, will be held at the University Campus on the campus of the College Center in Clinton. If COVID-19 safety guidelines are changed, courses can be converted to virtual format if necessary.

Online registration for the MORE harvest semester is now open. Go to to view and subscribe to the catalog. For more information, email or call 586-226-4759.

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