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Although I came from a family of doctors, I soon realized that a good doctor was not the most important quality – the ability and desire to be involved in the problems of healthy and sick people. The real science fascinated me the most – physics and math, as well as foreign languages.

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You choose your own destiny

Although I came from a family of doctors, I soon realized that a good doctor was not the most important quality – the ability and desire to be involved in the problems of healthy and sick people. Real science attracted me even more – physics and math, as well as foreign languages. So, in my dream I saw myself as a technical translator, which combines a passion for technology with a desire for English. To implement this plan, I enrolled in language courses at the Faculty of Languages ​​of the National Technical University of Ukraine.

I traveled from Kiev to Kiev every month for classes, and I quickly realized that I wanted to study here. Especially since my friend, who is one year old, studied at the university and lived a bright and dynamic student life. So, I decided to go to math classes, which became a kind of tutor for me. As a result, before the final exams in school, I, according to the results, had already passed the Faculty of Heat and Energy Engineering. If I fail the language test, sufficient results for the heating system will be automatically deleted.

So, I decided not to take it for granted, especially after I got my bachelor’s degree. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it. As a result, I graduated with a medal from school with a student ticket already in my pocket.

I am grateful to my parents, who did not put any pressure on me, but said, “I am.”You choose your own destiny!“I had to rely on my own strengths and abilities to choose my future career. After all, I did not have a “golden parachute” from my parents that would pay for my journey to find myself. Everything was in my hands.

A promising path in power

Of course, I still did not understand what I was choosing. And there were rumors that I would be the director of a boiler house in the future. However, it soon became clear that this was a very promising business venture, as it included large energy sources. So, throughout the study and beyond, I was never disappointed with my choice. I am not ashamed to find myself in one of the most “male” faculties of the university. Not to mention, of the five floors of our hall, only one was occupied by girls.

Additional opportunities for professional development and career promotion

I wanted to build a career in an international company that required my knowledge of English. In addition, it was clear that a large corporation has more opportunities for professional development and construction than any other local company. With two years of sales assistance, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to start a business at Schneider Electric. And I was excited when the company announced a new position for cable installation and cable management product manager. To do this, I studied all the information and catalogs in a month. Unfortunately, this position was given to a foreign candidate. It brought tears to my eyes because I was not ready to give up morally – I put a lot of energy and effort into preparing for it. But three weeks later, the production manager’s space for electrical systems (sockets, switches, etc.) was empty, and I offered without competition. Paradoxically, these two areas eventually merged into one product. My former competitor left and gave me the place I had originally intended.

I can say with certainty that my work at Schneider Electric today is a great success in improving my professional skills and knowledge, and in my unique corporate culture.

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