Matt Meola on reducing air surfing damage

“You have to be in the middle of a storm and go from A to B. It’s not something you think, it’s just something.” Photo flash inspiration courses


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Matt Meola tells you that he does not think he should advise other browsers on security. His whole body probably fits. His Devil-Any-Care strategy often broke both of his knees, leaving him to recover from injury, and the list goes on.

But throwing caution into the wind is the real reason why air travel has taken on new heights. And the truth is, all those wounds and bruises have taught him a thing or two to avoid as many serious injuries and wounds as possible. So where is the sweet spot between growth and safety? Because injuries are inevitable in all sports.

“Injury can be avoided, but you will begin to move away from determination,” Matt said in a new digital section on inspirational courses. Matt Meola Air Surfing Guide. Frankly, “with determination and ‘Is this just stupid?’ Is to find a balance between. I like to gamble a little with a stupid person, but I think this is important if you want to do the basics. ”

For those of you who are on the lookout for lip-smacking, it all starts with understanding how to prepare for learning and experimenting with the air.

“Surfing should be as natural as walking or cycling,” Matt said. “It must be something that you can do in a storm and go from A to B. It is something you do not think you have.”

If you no longer think of your downward spiral, or when it is time to cut yourself, Melala says you are ready to start. Then you have to make every effort to try to “rest everything”.

“If it is not completely dangerous, or if your board is not upside down and you think it is landing on your wings, do not do it. But if you are above your board, always go to the airport.

“There are many things you can do to avoid injury,” he said. “If you think it is impossible to get off the airport directly, take your board at the end.” “Also, the more committed you are, the more comfortable you are on your board and the less likely it is that you will be harmed.”

At this point, you will begin to understand and control the seemingly uncontrollable things like how to hit your board if you fall. With determination and representation, everything will be safe.

“This is just trial and error, and the more you continue to do so, the harder it will be to learn. But it is important to be a safer passenger. At first you will feel a little better. Once you are in a difficult situation, you will begin to feel hurt. ”


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