Matonton School Board hears professional center renovation, course development updates

Matiton – The Matiton School Board heard updates on Tuesday night regarding the renovation and course delivery of the proposed Regional High School Vocational Training Center.

The updates include accounting firm Bruce Combs, along with Johnson Controls, a company that has been assisting in the execution of contracts for various Mato school district buildings. The projects include a six-story office building that is being converted into a Leadership Creative Training Center (LIFT) in the 121st 17th Central City.

The Cobs renovation project is designed to include energy-efficient storage boilers, variable volume air handling units with high-efficiency motors, and a building control system for temperature controllers and other sensors. He said the woreda should consider the shortage of supply as it will prepare LIFT to open in 2022.

Leading time on some of these devices has become a real issue, says Cobbs, who has seen air conditioning units need 23 weeks for delivery.

Combs also said the third floor of LIFT is designed to provide small-scale heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems for professional training. The board approved the provision of a LIFT vocational course, including the Johnson Controls infrastructure and the small-scale system.

Other vocational courses in LIFT are designed to include communication, child care, information technology, production and construction and cooking skills. The district has voted to purchase the LIFT building, which is already a strong communication facility.

At a meeting on Tuesday, the board gave the district permission to request an asbestos removal bid for the LIFT building.

Business Assistant Superintendent Tom Manman Environmental Engineering L.C. He said the removal of asbestos from the ground floor and other areas, as well as the improvement of building materials such as asbestos roofing materials, allowed the asbestos to remain in areas such as the terrazozo floor in the first floor lobby. .

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