Marsh Training UK began training in marine industry skills

Marsk Training UK says it has for the first time introduced the ‘Industrial Skills’ training program on the coast.

He said he hopes the company will launch its product line on the coast and support its customers in their oil and gas, sea and wind disconnection activities, without any stimuli or issues.

The beach service at the stations in Aberdeen, Newcastle and Humber, provided by experienced instructors and advanced technology solutions, will further strengthen the supply of manpower to the navy, he said.

The training at the center will build courses and facilities on the beaches to support companies in the current climate and help them mix energy in the future, said Marsk Training UK.

Courses include OPITO Banksman 1,3 & 4, OPITO Rigger 1,3 & 4, GWO Slinger Signaller, Forklift, OPITO Basic H2S, Rigging loft management, LOLER Awareness, PUWER Awareness & PFPE Inspection.

Both theoretical and practical training are available at the centers, including specific course content, training simulators, lifting equipment, and appropriate PPE equipment.

“These courses have become very popular over the years, benefiting from the learned and developed key skills. We hope to integrate all of our safety and survival training to create a truly complete and fully integrated learning experience for our clients by promoting these beaches throughout our UK facilities.

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