Mario Kart breaks 64 speed following Rival’s controversial world record

An old Mario Kart 64 race ended sadly.


Mario Kart 64 sprinter Matthias Rutmeier retired from speeding up following his recent victory over rival Dan Burbank.

Dan Berbank and Matthias Rousseimer have competed in the Super Mario 64-speed community for the past decade, both of which are aiming to reach the world record in 32 games. Both speed holders held the record on many points, but the other always kept the fight going by blaming one or two back.

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Mario Kart 64
Via Nintendo

That’s all. Earlier this week, Dan Burbank claimed that he had a world record for 32 courses at the same time. The victory was seen as somewhat controversial, as Dan Berbank revealed that he had hidden time for 15 courses and that he had suddenly made a series of changes.

According to Kotaku, Burbank’s Mario Kart 64 accelerated the game, allowing Roussemeer to speed up the game. In a blog post announcing the news, he said, “It was a decision I made last year. For the past 13 years, this community has given me a good place to visit the forum and later the Discord, talk back regularly with colleagues.

He continued, “You must rejoice [world record] To sacrifice time and energy to a certain extent, I no longer wanted to push myself against an disrespectful opponent. I don’t care if some people call me a bad loser. A community with such a rich history ”

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