Mario Golf Super Race has received the latest free DLC with new characters, courses and modes VGC

Nintendo has released the latest free update for Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Version 4.0.0 includes two new characters, two new courses and two new modes, as well as several adjustments to the game’s balance.

The new characters are Wigler (energy type) and shy guy (balanced character).

The two new courses are Shelltop Sanctuary (made entirely of par 3 holes) and All Star Summit (each hole depicts a Mario character).

The new modes are Target Golf (where players try to hit the ball by hitting the T shots) and one-on-one, one-point (where players play on par 3 holes and hit the green on the first swing). Find a bird on the second swing).

Mario Golf High Superh Rush – Overview Trailer

Combined with updates 2.0.0 and 3.0.0, Nintendo has now released a total of five new characters and five new courses for baseball.

The full list of changes and additions to the new update is as follows:

Mario Golf High Super Rush – Version 4.0.0 Fixed Notes

  • Added playable character, “Wigler”
    • Wigler has been added as a player who can play in matches. He is a character who uses his long body to push the ball forward.
    • When a special shot is used or attacked, it gets angry and multiplies for a while.
      • The flight distance increases by 1.1 times.
      • In Speed ​​Golf, in addition to distance, the speed and special dash speed increase by 1.25 times. In addition, the special dash sends out a direct shot to the ground and a shock wave.
    • His special shot is influenced by the impact of the blowing balls as well as the impact of the berry on the surrounding area.
  • Added Playing Character “Afar Guy”
    • Shy Guy has been added as a player character to choose from in matches. It is balanced, it is a universal feature that is easy to use in any situation.
    • It uses Fly Guys help to keep its special dash running until the parameter is completed or a key is pressed. Use it at the right time to get the most out of your opponent.
    • His special shot has the effect of blowing the ball around.
  • Added Golf Course Shelltop Temple
    • Full course “Shelltop Sanctuary” added, made entirely of short holes.
    • Shelltop Sanctuary is a short course with all 18 holes par 3.
    • Two difficult levels can be selected: “Amateur”, and “Pro”. Switching between them dramatically changes the green space.
  • Added Golf Course “Star Summit”
    • Added “All-Star Summit” to the full course, which uses the illustrations of Mario and others as a theme.
    • This course features well-known characters, and the design of the green and the bench is different from other courses, so you can enjoy hiring a different style.
    • Brick blocks scattered throughout the course can be broken by bullets or dash. Break them down to find coins that will fill your energy.
    • Climb to the clouds on the course to get to the opposite banks or get star coins to fully charge your energy.
  • Added New Mode “Target Golf”
    • A new mode that allows you to play only a T-shot without having to know the rules of the golf course.
    • The players, in turn, shoot a total of five balls in a circle and compete for the highest point on the spot. The closer the ball is to the center of the target, the higher the score. If another player scores early, the place will not be counted until the board restarts. Ball types can change during the game, and high-scoring targets are given the opportunity to undo.
    • Can be played with motion controls.
    • You can play Joy-Con in a Nintendo Switch with four other players in the Play Golf menu. You can play with four other players on Local Play and Online Play.
    • In the Solo Challenge menu, you can play solo point test, target golf, single player content. The test is to see how many points you can score before you lose three times and the type of ball and the direction of the wind will change.
  • Added new mode “one-on-one, one-point”
    • One-on-one, one-drop added to Solo Score Challenge The first shot should be on the green and the second shot should be in the cup.
    • You can play this mode on the New Donk City and Sheltop Temple, with only short courses, amateur and pro configurations, respectively. In the Sheltop Temple, there is a special level of difficulty that each club needs to use.
  • Game balance adjustments
    • The amount of energy obtained when you get 1% to 4% coins has changed.
    • Adjusted the number of coins you throw around when attacked.
    • When another player hits a special dash, the coins thrown by the opponent are immediately collected.
    • Endurance consumption is reduced when you hit the B button.
    • When the stamina is completely depleted and the B button is lowered, the stamina will recover after a while and the player may begin to be destroyed again, even if the player stays unattended.
    • CPUs now aim to collect more coins and hearts on the course than ever before.
    • CPUs are now targeting more special shots and special commissions than ever before.
  • General
    • Medals will now appear on the main menu, allowing you to check if you have completed your exams and achievements.
    • Instructions on how to play now appear every time you start using motion controls.
    • Spin will not be added after pin shot and flag.
    • Some rubbish bins and benches have been fixed in New Dank.
    • During Wario’s Special Dash on the air, the problem of hitting an invisible wall above other players was fixed.
    • Fixed additional issues to improve play and game balance.