Marie Todd emphasizes the role of the Umo campus in developing renewable energy skills

From Gra-Gills Hubby (Director of External Involvement and Resources), Mari Todd MSP, Sophie-Ann Bain (Vice President of the Highlands and Island Students Association) and Debbie Murai (UHI North High School College).

The opportunities offered by North Highland College UHI will play a key role in the region’s renewable energy development, said local MSP Mare Tod.

She was speaking after visiting the college campus on Thursday to hear about local courses.

The campus offers an integrated engineering program from the Center for Engineering, Technology and Energy. It also has courses in subjects such as construction, hospitality, business and childcare.

The SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross said:

After a difficult 18 months, I was deeply impressed by the well-functioning institutions, the teaching and learning staff, and the students on campus.

It was also good to hear about the college’s strong relationship with local employers, which has helped many students find employment after graduation.

He added: “The Far North has great potential for renewable energy. As a rural MSP in the polling station, I am thrilled that hundreds of high-quality works in the area have helped me retain our talents.

“I am thrilled to hear that the college is committed to this and is helping students join this growing industry. Domestic courses provide students with invaluable skills, resulting in safe, high-paying jobs in the long run.

Thank you Debbie Moore for hosting such a wonderful visit.

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