Marcellus Shall offers a compressor station in Upper Burrell for a natural gas drill

Olympus Energy is seeking a government permit to develop a Marseille shell natural gas station on Upper Burell, off White Cloud Road, on non-Arconic-owned industrial property.

Canonsburg Olympus Energy has three water wells to touch natural gas during the development of Marseille Shell Rock, approved by the City and the State Department of Environmental Protection at various stages of development. The Compressor station, known as the Rogers Compressor, was planned near the Calyope Well Pad, just outside White Cloud Road.

The plan is to maintain the pressure and flow of natural gas to the market, said Kimberly Price, spokesman for Olympus.

The company said it has pending applications with the DAP, including an airline.

The next steps include submitting plans to city officials.

“In the process, Olympus will work to address the questions and concerns of nearby residents,” she said.

The planning commission will review the proposal and make recommendations to city inspectors, who will receive their final opinion, said city attorney Steve Yakopeck.

Residents like Dan Myers want to learn more.

“How much noise does the compressor station make? This is an unstoppable noise,” Myers said. He also wants to know more about the facility’s emissions.

Releases from compressor stations are a source of concern for environmentalists. Fracktracker Alliance.

“Compressor stations in the gas industry are a source of air pollution that can harm people and the environment,” the group said on its website.

However, the DAP is monitoring and testing emissions from computerized stations, and has confirmed that emissions for contaminated nitrogen dioxide are below national fresh air standards.

“Over the past decade, DEP has done a lot of research to measure the emissions from oil and gas operations, including a one-year monitoring project in southwestern Pennsylvania,” said DeP spokesman Jemar Tracher.

The DAP sample of two of the more than 25 compressor stations within a 20-mile radius of Pento Compression, Lixing County County, and Bradford-Todawa site mentioned two issues for environmental nitrogen dioxide levels.

The DAP found the levels of nitrogen dioxide “lower than normal” at the Barto station and the Taiwanese site, which could cause respiratory tract infections.

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