Many women now choose diploma, certificate courses


Many women now choose diploma, certificate courses

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani on September 9, 2021 when the Economic Survey Report 2021 begins. NMG PHOTO



  • Female students outnumber their male counterparts in diploma and certification courses.
  • Economic Survey 2021 shows that 54 percent, or 30,290, of the 56,455 government-sponsored diploma students in CCCCPS are women.

Recent public data shows that females prefer diploma and certification courses over their male counterparts.

According to the Economic Survey 2021, 54 percent or 30,290 out of 56,455 government-sponsored students enrolled by Kenya University and College Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) are women.

Fifty-seven percent of the 31,712 students enrolled in universities and TVETs choose certification courses.

The number of male students enrolled in diploma courses has dropped by 25 percent to 26,165, and the number of certified male students has dropped by 35 percent to 13,531.

The same narrative is played by 3,477 female students compared to 2,965 male students in artistic courses.

Instead of pursuing a degree, many companies in the field are looking for middle-class people with degrees and skills.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare last year found that about 40 percent of workers in the construction sector are technicians, and their training often underscores the need for skilled diplomas.

Beginning in January, the United Kingdom began allowing high-skilled Kenyans to apply for work permits in accordance with British immigration law.

Britain’s new immigration system lowers the minimum skill requirement for A-level or 27-member EU group.

Relaxed visa laws allow Kenyan professionals to compete in areas such as IT, accounting, plumbing and electrical work.

Latest information from KUCCPS shows some 15,547 candidates who scored C + and above in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam, while others chose diploma and certificate courses.

Some 4,840 candidates have selected technical and vocational education and training colleges to pursue education in the labor market where university graduates are struggling to find work.


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