Many local runners shine on the course of the Peruvian state

Regardless of the outcome, Lucy Westlack, an elderly woman from Naperville, discusses her home country race with her grandmother in Louisville, Ki.

“They didn’t go out, but they loved him,” said Westlake, who moved to the sixth grade. My grandfather is really good at driving here.

There was a lot of good news at Detweiller Park in Peru, from Saturday to the end of the party: the state’s annual meeting, which was canceled in 2020 due to the limited time in 2020.

Westlake won the 3.0-mile Class 3A Women’s Championship – her first major race victory as a high school runner – and No. 2, the state-ranked Huskis, won the team title with 100 points. For 3.0 miles Westlack 17: 31.2 in 2.3 seconds. She recalled that the former top finisher was third behind her graduating teammates Maggi Gamboa and Auri Mendris.

“It’s definitely a good feeling,” said Westlake. “It was definitely different this year, but we still have a lot of really motivated girls. I try to be an example in my practice and that really everyone can do. I have a great team around me. It’s very simple. “

The Hussites defeated Mininoka by 15 points. No. 2 to 5 team winners Logan Brennan, Sophie Golobitch, Julie Piot and Emma Berres divided in 30 seconds from 20th to 33rd. Naperville Central was third.

In her first match of the season, Katvia Schiller, a senior in Batavia, finished third in 17: 44.5 against Mete Valley Sarah Maggio in 17: 46.0.

“This was a good start to the race,” said Schleiner, a multi-starter. Detective is a very popular course and I would like to finish it first because it gives you a sense of accomplishment in art training.

The Barrington Framman Scout was the sixth hurricane in 18: 04.6. Bennett Luis Diamond, Naperville Central Lively Phillips, Libreville Bree Ponchak and Naperville Center Katy Tutting were eighth through 11th and Redhax Ava Hendren was 15th.

“I wanted to see if I could run fast and hold the back,” said the hurricane.

Gracelake Central won the 2nd Girls’ Cup with 93 points. Dunlap Vernon Hills was the fourth largest lake in the world after 109-114. In both state elections, Rams and Kugui are among the top three 2A teams.

“I think this is really the strongest team we have ever had,” said Brin Sato of Grasslake Central on the 11th Saturday of the 2019 Eighth State Team. It’s great to be here (again) after a two-year break.

The ram was Bella Domier fourth (18: 00.0). Sarah Armstrong, Katie Armstrong and Sophia Wit were 18th, 27th and 39th.

“I felt very good. It was longer than I expected, so I spent some energy (very soon). ” “I think we have a chance to put it in the state.”

Isabella Marsico was third in Lake Forest. Vernon Hills Anna Todd (18: 24.7) and Rena Hill (18: 30.0) were eighth and 10th. Marseille’s personal best of 17: 46.7 was conceded only by Esa Ton-Ya (17: 15.0) and Latin Mia Colter (17: 30.1). Marcico was second to Colter in last week’s Red Devils High School.

“I still have a lot of work to do, but they really helped me to push myself,” says Marceko. I just tried to run a good race. There are many good people here.

Burlington Central Senior Joseph Bigg was second in the men’s 2A men’s race at the Burtonville limestone Wilson George (14: 46.2) (15: 04.3).

“I have never been in a treadmill with this workout,” says Beig, “so I am very happy to be here.” I wanted everyone to know that I was there with senior men.

Glenbard was fourth South. Gracelake Central Tra Tato was 15th. Of the 3A boys, Hinsdale Central finished one point behind Downers Grove 135-136 and New Trailer 125. Waubonsie Valley and Neuqua Valley were fourth and fifth. Hinsdale Central Dan Watke won the home of the Red Devils at the home of New Terrier Nick Falk 14: 50.0.

“It was very cold last week,” Watke said. That was the main thing (Saturday). ”

Downers Grove North senior Roy Llewellyn was 6th in 15: 03.8, Nucle Valley’s Ryan Palmer and Noah Shalliol were 11th and 14th, and Waubonsie Valley Angel Solis was 12th. Senior Carly Manchester United was the sixth in the 18th in 18:18, 18th in the 18th, and 15th in the Narrative. Wheaton Academy was fourth. Shelden Paul, the warrior, was 15th in the 1A men.

“I’m very grateful to be here again after last year,” said Manchester United. “I missed the course last year and honestly, it’s just one of the fastest courses. I feel it raises morale and gives me motivation.”


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