Manufacturer – $ 70 oil is not the expected rig activity

Rig activity continues to soar as high commodity prices encourage some digging around the United States.

Energy Services Baker Hughes and data analytics company Encries said Friday’s U.S. census increased from 55 to 912,257, up from 255 in the past year.
Still, due to budget constraints, oil producers’ unwillingness to spend more money on drilling new wells and their determination to return money to investors have hampered rig growth.

Earlier this month, Travis Visvis, senior vice president of world drilling at the Nabors Industries, told The Reporter that oil prices were not expected to reach $ 70 a barrel.

In the rest of 2021 and 2022, he said, we will see higher activity in the ridge. We have a positive attitude with improved commodity pricing and higher Rage counting.

There were 411 regulars in need of courage, 10 more for the week 10 and more than 232 for last year’s 179 drills. There were 100 regulars per day for natural gas drilling, one less per week, but more than 27 of the 73 reported a year ago.

Texas added 239, 133 four-pointers over 106 revenues nationwide last year. New Mexico for 84. Oklahoma – Three – and Pennsylvania – One – Other Production States were the only states to see Utah and West Virginia failures, each with one ridge.

The Permian Basin, which accounts for less than half of the United States census, added 259 to 136 vessels, up from 123 in a year ago.

Lee County, New Mexico, remains the most active district in Permania, currently the largest in the province – up to 53 rigs. Eddie County, New Mexico, is second with 29 regulars, down one week.

Midland County was held with 28 regels in the second week, while Martin County remained on the 26th. Loving County had 15 records, one down, and Upon County 14 rigs, one more for the week.

An analysis of the Rig Analysis, which has a different time frame and standard than Baker Hughes, said that the United States X-ray count increased from 6 to 11 September from a total of 622. .

The most significant increases during the week were along the Gulf Coast (also four to 76), Permian (three to 239) and Apalchia (three to 45). The biggest increases last month were on the Gulf Coast and in Permania, with five steps each. On September 12, the US census reached a peak of 626 in 2021.

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