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Manuel S. Medeiros, Jr.

Manuel S. Mani Mediros, junior nuclear power engineer, investor in foreign banks since 1969 and a full-time resident of foreign banks since 1986; He passed away on November 17, 2021. He was born in 1934 in Little Compton, RI. In 1956 he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts’ Dartmouth University. He joined when he started working. Admiral Rickcover’s small engineers design reactor plants for submarines and submarines. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Betty Rector Engineering School in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

A.D. After completing his service in 1960, he continued his civil service in Washington, DC, with the US Navy and Atomic Energy Commission, and in the early 1960s moved to Napa and Vallejo, California to assist in the construction of nuclear submarines at Mari Island. Submarines have been developed, tested and shipped to the sea as part of the county’s ballistic missile program.

While in California, he continued his previous work in Virginia to help local mentally retarded children stay active in their community. He became an active supporter of the Solano County Council for the President of the Late Children’s Council and the Shelter for the Late, and resumed his work on the East Coast.
He left the Navy’s nuclear program in the late 1970s and joined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which worked to generate commercial nuclear power plants.

While at the NRC and in 1979, three-mile island disaster was created by TMI Plants Plant Designer Babcock and Wilcox as a consulting engineer to recover from the TMI disaster in Lynchberg VA.

A.D. Transferred to foreign banks in 1986, including real estate broker, scientific literature, public discourse and public testimony to various government bodies, including energy and the environment. The eager reader, one of the last 25 years, did not go into great detail about many environmental sciences, such as the study, under the auspices of world-renowned scientists.
He was a member of Charter and Council Grand Night # 6153 in Springfield, Virginia and later, at Kitty Hawk, became a member of the Grand Night Holy Redeem Catholic Church in Columbus Knights. He was an active member of Kitty Hawk, NC and Bradenton, FL Rotary, and the American Nuclear Association.

He is survived by his two daughters, Anita Stigger (husband Scott) and Darnest, MD. Cynthia Macmillan (Husband James) of Rochester, MI; Son Michael Mediros (wife Donna) of Atlanta, GA; Four grandchildren die: Carolina Stiger, Mark McMillan, Sam Medeiros and Molly Medeiros, and two great grandchildren, Young Shawn and Brianna Stick. A.D. Carol, who died in 1980, is survived by his 62-year-old wife and daughter-in-law, Valerie Jean Medeiros.

In lieu of flowers, Mani called for the “Columbus nobles” LAMB program (the youngest of my brothers) and the “Redeemer Women” group of Holy Redeemer Church to make any donations.
A mass resurrection will take place on Monday, November 22 at 9:00 a.m. during a visit to Holy Redeemer Church on Kitty Hawk Road and then at the South Beach Cemetery.

Please express your condolences to the family through the online registry at Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. He is entrusted with the preparation.

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