Manev Rach and educational institutions develop engineers for tech-led education

What could be better than an investment in young minds interested in science and engineering? Manav Rachna is a part of the curriculum that is designed to provide professional and skilled engineers to the industry. With a bright academic supply, Manav Rach and educational institutions have set standards for a holistic, appropriate and creative learning environment when fully adapted to the environment. Manav Rachna is a QS 5 star for education, efficiency, academic development, facilities, social responsibility and environmentalism.

Choice-based loan system gives students the flexibility to choose the courses they choose and to pursue their interests with the degree they are enrolled in. By earning an additional 20 credits in the relevant area above and above the required credits, the student may obtain a BT degree with honors (with other special circumstances) or with a minor in all domains.

B.TechMechanical Engineering (Hons.) Specializing in electric vehicles

Special modules on design architecture and control of electric vehicles, charging and infrastructure of electric vehicles, battery switch stations and electric trains; This is a desirable domain. Students at Manav Rachna can benefit from the Enon Excellence Center for power switches used to control SMS, display boards, and electric vehicles. Electric vehicle simulation laboratory, electric vehicle testing and certification laboratory, and two-wheeled vehicle technology laboratories will be developed in collaboration with industry partners.

B. Tech Tech Mechanical Engineering (HONES) specializes in Mechanics

In this program, students have extensive knowledge of mechanical, electronics, electrical and computer courses in electronics, digital electronics, microcontrollers, control systems, mechanized system controllers, robotic analysis and industrial automation.

B Tech Tech Mechanical Engineering (Specialty in Smart Manufacturing and Automation)

This is a multi-disciplinary program that incorporates a variety of streams and disciplines, such as control systems, objects Internet, digital and analog systems, computer science, mechatronics, robotics, 3D printing and nanotechnology. It also covers various areas of solar energy and its application. On-campus centers of excellence prepare students for the industry with students from Daikin, Alternative Design Tech, Trans Neuro Technology, CEP and such as Starwire, Victoria Equipment, Toolbros, Orient Electric, ASME, ISHRAE, SAE.

Manev Rach and Mitsubishi Electric India (MEI) have well-equipped laboratories and centers of excellence in collaboration with adequate hardware and software resources.

B Tech Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons.) Specializes in micrograde technologies

Manev Rach and Mitsubishi Electric India (MEI) have well-equipped laboratories and centers of excellence in collaboration with adequate hardware and software resources. The MEI Factory Automation Laboratory is the first robotic laboratory in North India and includes state-of-the-art automation products such as i-QR training and SCADA software. Students attending the course will receive a two-year student experience with MEI.

B. Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering (HONES) in partnership with IntelĀ® Corporation for Artificial Intelligence and IoT

This special course is the first of its kind in North India in collaboration with FICE and Intel Corporation. Students will access the Intel Parallel Studio software licensed for research related to AI and IoT at the Intel Intelligence System Laboratory. Students are introduced to both hardware and software technologies. Upon completion of the course, certificates from Intel will be issued to students.

B.TechElectronics & Communication Engineering (Hons.) Specializes in VLSI design in collaboration with TrueC chip.

Recent verification and language training with Pearl, C ++, Unix shell script and automation. Includes both front and rear EDA devices such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor – Questa, Modelsim, FPGA Synthesis. Students who attend classes will be given a letter of approval when they enter the TrueChip chip. The Energy Center, IOT and Robotics provide an innovative mix.

B.TechElectronics & Communication Engineering (Hons.) In collaboration with Shahi Research Laboratories

The course comes with the advice of Sahai Research Laboratories to develop research-based projects, proprietary rights and work experience. Sahay Laboratories has established an extension center to support prototype development 24 * 7 (online and offline) in Manav Rachna.

Cities connected to modern buildings, modern water systems, modern power grids, and waste management protocols are the future. Engineering education should be expanded to include infrastructure, environmental knowledge, technology, sensors and information science. The Manav Rachna Smart Cities course focuses on a custom curriculum with hands-on training and interactive industry experiences outside of classroom.

B.Tech Civil Engineering (Hons.) Specialty in Green Technology and Sustainable Engineering

Civil engineering requires an integrated plan and design that transitions from modern practices to modern green and clean buildings. Green building, carbon footprint management, climate monitoring, forest and crop monitoring, soil conditions, etc. are all applications of green technology and sustainability. Important plans, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving skills are celebrated at Menav Rachna.

The Academic Session 2021 will be held on August 23rd at Manav Rachna. Students interested in attending any of the above courses may receive a limited scholarship before August 22


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