Maersk Training has won safety and training awards

Global Safety Expert Marsk Training Wins Two Global Wind Safety (GWO) Safety and Training Awards at this year’s Wind Europe Electric City Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The GWO Safety and Training Awards is the first of its kind in the world to recognize the impact of training providers, educators and supporting manpower in the wind energy industry.

After winning the Hammer and Brazil Team of the Year Team of the Year in both the Newcomer and American Sectors, Maersk Training received the Best Training Team of the Year in the 50-500 WINDA Upload category.

Stuart Morris, Learning Operations Manager – Northern Region, “We are honored to receive these awards. We invest heavily in the personal development of our instructors to enable them to maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge in providing professional services, which ensures that the standards within the company are high and consistent. This was confirmed only by Maersk Training in Hamburg, an industry-leading rescue package.

Maersk Training provides high-quality training to gain the required accreditation from industry leaders in courses designed to meet customer and site requirements. The company aims to support the domestic energy markets in their regions to ensure efficient, safe and productive workforce by focusing on the fast-growing wind energy sector.

Patrick Modolo, General Manager – Brazil Region added: “This is a proud time for the team, and we are honored to have won the Coach of the Year award in the US category. It shows continued commitment.

Maersk Training provides training with training facilities in the UK, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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