Louisiana Lands Mass Power Project; Jobs and money on the road

Louisiana and the energy industry go hand in hand with peanut butter and jelly. It is difficult to imagine one another because our state has so many natural resources and the process of acquiring it and turning it into a useful form gives us a lot of work and much needed economic growth.

Now that the industry is focusing on renewable and “clean” energy options, Louisiana seems ready to take advantage of it.

Louisiana will be home to the largest clean-energy project in the world

Yesterday, Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards and Air Products He announced that he was huge, $ 4.5 billion complex It will be built in the Ascension Church. The expanded facility uses natural gas and “carbon dioxide” (derived from coal-fired emissions) and combines them. “Blue hydrogen. ”This new, clean fuel can be used to generate electricity, light vehicles, and heat homes and offices.

The new plant will produce more energy, bringing thousands of new jobs

According to the advertiser, the massive project will bring about 2,000 construction jobs and 170 permanent jobs. $ 15.9 million annual salary. That is the average salary $ 93,529 In a year!

The whole world will benefit from the energy produced here

If you think the energy produced here will benefit Louisiana – you are right – but you are not thinking enough. Hydrogen produced here has global implications. When the plant is fully operational (during the year) 2026), The plan is to export both nationally and internationally. That means that this plant works by the hour to provide power to the distances of the world, and that means – and that means maybe the works we talked about earlier may come. A Clusters Overtime!

This move will bring Louisiana with Net Zero

This will help to bring Governor Edwards to his goal when he decides to reduce Louisiana’s greenhouse gas emissions. A.D. By 2050 “Net Zero”. According to the National Grid,Net zeroIt is “easily balancing” between greenhouse gas emissions and emissions.

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