Louis Gohmer is talking about a bird’s gut

Not long ago, one of the rules of the house here in Shaben, we do not skip over all the strange things that a politician says, and it includes Mrs. Louis Gohmet, who admires the mad emperor of Papashah. People. But sometimes, there is a little video that can’t be ignored because it hints at everything in the traditional hoodoo recipe. Attention must be paid to these unusual matters.

So it was Thursday when Gohmer took to the airwaves on an American network. The overall issue being discussed was the $ 3.5 trillion budget proposal that the Senate Democrats sent to the House of Commons. Gomer and Anchor seem to be particularly shocked by the budget’s decision to deal with a climate crisis. Planting flowers on the highway is one of the “crazy things” in the budget. (If Mrs. Johnson had survived, she would have slapped these people foolishly.) It was here that he introduced us to a new danger hidden in the New Deal.

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Another part of that green deal was the huge solar farm they found on the California-Nevada border. There are thousands of acres of mirrors that reflect the sun into three towers that heat the liquid and turn the turbines. But they did not estimate that there would be hundreds and thousands of so-called “flames.”

Wait, you will hear the rest.

Because when the birds fly, if they survive the windmills, they hit that bright sun, explode in flames, and go down, the birds knock on all the mirrors, that takes a little purity.

And that’s where the twist ends. He does not lie. A brilliant source of solar power is actually making birds in the middle. This has been going on for some time now. Here is an account for the 2014 Weather Channel.

All told, the Evanpa plant generates enough electricity to power 140,000 homes and eliminates carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 72,000 vehicles a year, according to Brooke Energy Energy, one of the investors behind the solar plant. That kind of renewable energy may seem like a triumph to the environment, but the superheated buildings that generate renewable energy are also harming wildlife. According to the Associated Press, up to 28,000 birds per year are exposed to the sun’s rays, and they die at the rate of one bird every two minutes. After the smoke emanates from the birds, the birds are called “streams.”

But if you are bored, there is an opposite.

According to the UFS report, most birds are dying at different levels Exposure to “Sun Flow” This results in “singing feathers.”

“Flying with heavy flying feathers has resulted in catastrophic loss of ability to fly, which in turn affects the ground or other objects,” states the report. Low levels of singing lead to starvation or premature action, which impairs the ability to fly, breed, and escape animals.

Pursuing insects that are attracted to the sun’s rays and into bright light. That wildlife authorities inspired them to call Ivanpah a “mega-trap” for wildlife.

Serious people are looking for a solution to this problem. Careless people are talking about the intestines on television.

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