Lord came out of the MTV Video Music Awards next week


Photo: Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)

As reported End time, Lords forced to cancel planned MTV video music awards The tweet goes on to say, “We love Lord and we can’t wait for you to finish at the VMA level in the future,” but it doesn’t say exactly what. “Product Change Ingredients ” It can refer to any number of objects, but that means the number of objects forces the Lord out of the show – video for “Solar Power” Nominated for Best Cinematography – Looks like a short list. After all, she is doing nothing but what she originally planned, she will never go. Maybe she’s thinking of doing some remote thing that doesn’t work for technologists? Maybe “product change” is boring, scheduling? Maybe the person performing the show has changed, and the Lord… doesn’t like them?

Something that seems like a possible theory is that “product change” is a good artistic tactic for the press today, but we know that illness has not sidelined Lord before. in fact, End time A.D. Her performance in the VMAs in 2017 has been replaced by the practice of interpreter dance after she contracted the flu. Instead of singing, she danced in the background, confusing viewers at home, and again, MTV VMAs increased the chances of wasting most of the time. (Lord, because people were uncomfortable with her dancing at the time. . Whatever the reason, we do not know for sure.


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