Lord announces the release of a new single ‘Mood Ring’ this week

Before the fall of the weekend, Lord mocked the arrival of a new song, “Mood Ring” from the new album “Solar Power”.

The New Zealand pop singer announced the release date of the song on August 17 through a post on her website. The music video, co-produced by Joel herself with Joel Faly, is set to air at 7pm on August 17.

The song follows the title track in June and marks the release of the third single from her third album, which was stoned last month at Nail Salon.

While on the show, she waved the title track and watched several live shows on both tracks Late show with Stephen Colbert And ‘Nailed in the nail salon’ is on Leth Night with female Meyers, Where she helped renovate the showroom.

Last month he had an amazing look at the YouTube series Hot people Celebrities are interviewed as they slowly eat hot soups on chicken wings – the singer discusses the new nature of her new music as more mysterious than ever.

“As I get older, I’m saying, ‘I’m not really going to sing that song,'” said her host, Sen Evans. “It’s not because I need to give up interpretation, it’s because it’s too expensive for me.”

Earlier this month, the singer became a “calm” part of Jack Antonoff’s set of female artists for “sexuality” and “insults”. Lord has partnered with Mordrama on both solar energy and the manufacturer.

“I did not make Jack Antonoff’s record. I have a record of Lord and He has helped me to work and I am very late in production and preparation. Jack agrees. Giving him that loan is really an insult. ”

Meanwhile, the star will set a new record on the road next year, with English live dates set in May and June. The tour begins in Lordland, New Zealand, before heading to Australia and North America.

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