London’s new “Bicycle Library” and Chapter One for American Renewal Centers – Success Stories of the Week

As part of our mission-oriented campaign, EDE brings you five weekly rounds of the best sustainability stories from around the world.

This weekly series of businesses and sustainable professionals shows that they are working on the five key pillars of the campaign to achieve their ‘possible mission’. Power, resources, infrastructure, mobility And Business Management.

As the tabloid headlines in Tokyo fill with British tabloid news, projects and initiatives to enable businesses to play their part in a sustainable future have begun and continue today.

Energy The new power generation capacity in the United States is about 92% renewable

With 60% and 79% of fossil fuels consumed by the United States, the country’s renewable energy sector must grow significantly to meet its Parisian agreements.

However, according to new information released by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Energy Information Administration (EERA), the trend is already moving in the right direction. According to official data, in the first half of 2021, renewable energy reached 91.6% of the new generation capacity. By June 2021 the rate was 100%.

Wind has led to 5,617 megawatts of power increases, followed by solar (5,279 megawatts). This is equivalent to 25% higher solar energy and 10% higher wind power.

Responding to the information, Ken Boson, executive director of the nonprofit SUN DAY campaign, said: He added, “Renewables suggest continuous, strong growth – especially in the sun and wind – that the best is yet to come.

Inputs: The partnership is designed to reuse 16,000 plastic tree shelters

Climate scientists have repeatedly said that it is necessary to rehabilitate and create natural habitats, such as forests and forests, to combat climate and natural disasters. But this certainly should not be done in a way that exacerbates the current plastic pollution problem.

With this in mind, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium arrangement, in partnership with the Tree Shelter Tube, has created a more circular economy in the shelters. In recent weeks, Trust has seen 16,000 plastic shelters removed from trees. Under the partnership, Tubex will disassemble them, recycle them, and reuse them. Recycled shelters are used to build new ones. Tubex currently uses 30% recycled content for plastic products and aims to reach 100% as soon as possible.

Mike Carroll, director of customer care at Tubex, said: “Some people need shelter in order to have the best chance of growing trees into a successful tree.

Mobility: ‘Bicycle Library’ begins in Tower Hamlets

Against the background of the VV-19 recovery, there is a growing recognition that it is not possible to deliver pure zero transport using electric vehicles alone. More active travel is needed, especially for short, local trips. The UK Government wants to be able to walk or bike by 2030 out of all the travels in cities and towns.

Success stories at the venue come from local charity Hubbub, and this week it will be part of a partnership with Poplar Harka, an active transport charity that supports the launch of a new bike library in Poplar, Tower Hamles this week. The facility, located in the empty street on the main street, lends bicycles to adults and children free of charge. There are also specialists to provide bicycle repairs and bike advice.

The plan is to launch at least 16 percent of men who cycle at least once a week in July. Hubbub noted the same challenges to behavior change in Poplar, which he had previously worked on in a project with the sisters of the charity cycle, which encouraged women to build a cycle of confidence.

“Bicycling not only resists climate change but also improves air quality, health and safety, resists congestion and reduces noise pollution on our roads,” said Train Restaurant CEO. “The Community Cycle Center is built with residents to meet the needs of the community; It breaks down many obstacles to cycling and helps to change social norms and show that cycling is for everyone.

Built Area – CDL and MCL Land secure $ 847m green loan package to build 1,000+ sustainable homes

Climate Bonds Initiative TV increased its forecast for 2021 green finances to $ 500 billion, and shortly afterwards, Real Estate Capital Development (CDL) and MCL Land received a total of $ 847 million. It will support the development of two sustainable housing units in Singapore and will cover more than 1,000 apartments.

The money will be used to support residential development on the streets of Norbergland and the Tangha Garden. Both developments are on track to achieve the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Certification, which is sponsored by the Government of Singapore and awarded for outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability in the built environment. Energy efficiency is a key consideration. The Garden Walk is aimed at Singapore’s ‘Super Low Energy’ standard, which was launched for residential development earlier this year.

The Norberland Road Project has 407 apartments and a daycare center, and the Norberland Road Project has 628 homes. They are receiving $ 418 million and $ 429 million in loan packages, respectively.

You can read more about the green features of both developments – and the extensive work of CDL and MCL Land in Green Finance and Sustainable Buildings – here in the full coverage of Eddie.

Image Singapore Housing and Development Board

Business Management – The Consulting Group has launched a training program to help unemployed youth into green collar jobs

The UK plans to put two million people in green jobs by 2030, but it is believed that growth is not enough. Published in January, we are looking forward to a clearer picture of how promises in the UK are made for job skills, and many businesses are moving forward.

One of them is Macariye Group Finance Company. This week, the business announced a new partnership with the nonprofit generation to train unemployed youth in the UK to help them find green jobs. 70% of employers in the previous general election reported that they had difficulty hiring young professionals.

First, the partnership provides ten weeks of training for 100 participants between the ages of 16 and 24. The training program is designed in collaboration with Retrofit Academy CIC and equips participants with the training they need to support renewable energy projects. Generation, modern energy technologies and materials that increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Within three months of completing the training, 80% of the generation promises to have a related role. If the experiment is successful, the consulting group will explore how to offer other courses in partnership.

Michael Hulihan, the General Manager of the UK, said there was an “unparalleled opportunity” to train a diverse group of young people by training them on the importance of transition to a pure zero society and the fast-growing green sector. During the epidemic, many young people lost their jobs in retail and hospitality.

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