Like I-2770, CDOT promises to monitor climate quality, but polluted commercial city dwellers are skeptical.

The two agencies have installed a series of sensors in the often congested interstate, awaiting planned reconstruction and expansion. CDoo wants to upgrade its old high-capacity structures to expand its highway capacity and carry modern-sized trucks. The project will start in 2023 and last until 2026.

The sensors provide the state with sufficient details to answer Pierce’s “big burning question.”

“What was the air quality like after construction?”

Answering this question is especially important for the southern end of the trade, near polluted highways and large industrial sites such as Suncor. CDO officials hope to use the information to develop ways to reduce any contamination during and after construction.

Locals who say there has been pollution and side effects for years with little protection from government officials are skeptical of the effort. The median household income is generally less than $ 10,000 in Denver Metro, and more than half of the population is Hispanic.

“I don’t think we have people who really care about us,” said Maria Zubia, a businesswoman and community activist. When it comes to air quality, when it comes to water quality, when it comes to the basics, people really have to take care of our community.

Nathaniel Little / CPR News
On June 23, 2021, two solar-powered air quality controllers were hung from a shoulder in Interstate 270 in Commercial City, Colo.

CDOT says it had a ‘sea change’ on how to adapt to the local approach.

The department’s current expansion project at Interstate 70 in North Denver was controversial. CDOT has been the subject of numerous accusations of environmental influences.

Rebecca Hut, director of CDOT’s Transportation Development Department, said the department’s direct mitigation measures – including new windows and air conditioning units for more than 200 nearby homes – have moved the agency to a new state.

“We have never made such investments before,” White said. He set an example for those conversations and we are ready to put them on the corridors in the future.

That I-270 covers the corridor, White CD collects air quality data, consults with community members, and then works.

“It’s not a situation where we get a lot of information and say, ‘Well, that’s fun,'” White said.

The new state law also requires CDOT to measure and mitigate the effects of large-scale construction projects on nearby communities.

“It’s definitely a sea change,” White said. And he is good. ”

Nathaniel Little / CPR News
Traffic on Interstate 270 from New York Road Bridge, August 27, 2021.

Some business people say they need more information.

She is a community activist and a member of the local school board. She described it as a quiet, comfortable place to live – except for poor air quality.

“Two of my three children have had asthma since they were three months old,” she says.

New spring and summer data collected by the State Department of Health this spring and summer show good levels of pollution from remote sources such as vehicle smoke and wildfires and wildfires, and are sufficient to create health problems. For some people.

State health officials also found that more people in Colorado were going to the asthma emergency room. They are also less likely to get health insurance.

The recent rise in wildfires has given life in most of the frontiers a taste of what it is like to live in a commercial city, he said.

“If you could always imagine that in your family, in your schools, in your churches, in your grandparents’ house, would you be satisfied with that? Will you be happy with this? She said.


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