Lifetime opportunity

By Anthony Richards

North Florida’s first teaser is to introduce young people to golf to develop a love of the sports and life skills they carry around.

Creating Experiences and Opportunities is another great endeavor to achieve the first T.
Tyson Brown, Minnie McNayer, Katarina Hog and Matthew Olsen were to play the course for the first time on August 5 as part of their dream four.

Cheet Stokes, general manager of Marsh Landing Country Club, is a former volunteer coach at Tay.

Brown is 15 years old and a sophomore at Ribalot High School. When he first heard the news, he could not believe that he was playing the same course in the Champions League.

“I’m amazed,” said Brown. I’ve been out here before, but I’ve never played it.
One of the team’s most anticipated events In 2001, when the third round of players drowned the famous “best of the best”, it was a chance to put Tiger Woods in the same position.

“I want to try to do that,” Brown said.

Brown has been with First T for the past six years, but his interest in golf is even greater.
“I have wanted to play since I was four years old, but we have no way of getting in,” says Brown. “When I was 9, they asked me if I wanted to go out and play. I have been a part of it ever since. ”

For Hog, she has spent the last six years with the first T. At the age of 17, she attended high school as a junior high school student.

Although she has played golf at First Tee for years, playing the course course is not something everyone does.

“I was very happy because this was an unusual opportunity and I am very grateful to him,” Hogs said.

According to her grandmother, Hog’s relationship with golf was very family-friendly, and her parents encouraged her to take the game and try the first tin.

Over the years, Hog has done a lot to improve her full swing and her short game around the green.

One of the most difficult aspects of golf is saving, but that hog is always something you feel confident about.

“I really enjoyed playing the whole lesson, but 17 is definitely one of the holes I was looking for,” says Hog. “I Hope to Stay Out of the Water”
The players were joined by PGA TOUR staff, who served as their cardholders during the round.

“There is definitely a lot of energy and maybe some nerves,” he said before the start of the round. I play golf myself and may not always have access to courses about raising the game and having more children.

On the back were custom gowns with the name of each golfer, and each player was able to keep them as extra notebooks from the day.

Another special touch was the introduction of Dog Kid, the veteran promoter, who introduced each golfer as he entered the first T.

“I’m announcing my first teaser on my first teaser,” says Kid.

Golf players not only have the opportunity to play a symbolic course, but also have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and develop new relationships.

This was an important network for a company like McNayer, who plans to start her freshman year at the University of Florida Coast and plan a professional golf course.
Olson is a senior at St. Augustine High School and hopes to pursue a career in electrical or chemical engineering.

“The first T is good at presenting these life skills,” says Morrison. It’s not just about golf.


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