Lifetime classes begin Sept. 7

The Lifelong Learning Center will begin Anid Harvest courses on September 7 at the new campus of Inid Northwest Oklahoma State University.

Tuesday and Thursday until October 28 at 2929 E. Randolph All classes meet once a week for 90 minutes. Wearing masks is encouraged for all participants.

Lifelong Learning Institute Inid Institute has been an active non-profit organization in Andy for over 27 years. Provides non-credit courses for adults 50 and older. LLI’s mission is to provide retirees with a unique and challenging program to continue to expand their horizons and keep their minds focused on education.

Tuesday, 10-11: 30 a.m. Rick Hockmeyer: “Science: Our World and beyond!” Leads. This course provides an overview of various aspects of geology, astronomy, meteorology, and biology, including how the human genome and DNA work. Hokmeier, a new teacher for LLI, has taught students at Andy High School for 40 years, teaching chemistry, botany, geology, astronomy, meteorology, biology, and animal science. He is a graduate of Phillips University.

On Tuesday from 1-2:30 pm, “Headlines and Headlines” will be hosted by Andy News and Eagle Publisher and Editor Cindy Allen. Focusing on current events, this course focuses on local, state, and national topics. Local reporters are also invited as guests. OU alumni Allen recently returned to Inid after several years in Oklahoma City, where she worked for Deven Energy in corporate communications and as a director of development and communications for parental abuse / child abuse Oklahoma.

Thursday, 10-11: 30 am “Be Secrets of Atilla’s Leadership” by Air Force retired Thomas El Lentz. Participants in this course will study the history and development of leadership. Copies of Weis Roberts’ book “Behavioral Secrets of Attila Be in the Classroom.” Thomas “TC” Lentz received an MA degree from the University of Alabama in speech and theater, high school and military history at the University of Wyoming.

From 1: 1-2 on Thursday, Douglas Newell asked, “Why music?” It teaches. This course focuses on music before modern history, the development of the symphony orchestra, in the mind of the composer, the virtuoso soloist and other topics. Douglas Newwell has been the music director of the Inid Symphony Orchestra since 1983, and the music director of the UCO Opera Theater. This unit will be connected to the 301W Broadway at the Andy Symphony Center.

Check out updates on Lifelong Institutions on Facebook for more information on how to enroll in lifelong classes or contact the director at (580) 747-9207 or


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