LGP Subsidy – Does the Center plan a new program for cooking gas cylinders? Here’s how consumers can benefit

NEW DELHI – The central government may come up with new changes related to subsidies on LGP cylinders. Negotiations are under way, and an internal government survey shows customers are willing to pay up to 1,000 rubles to renew their cooking gas cylinder. This means that the prices of LPG cylinders may go up in the coming days.

According to sources in The New Hindi Report, the Indian government is currently proposing two proposals. The first option is to sell subsidized cylinders to any consumer. However, the other option provides space for subsidies, but only for selected consumers.

Although the government has not yet commented, reports indicate that the government may cover subsidies. For example, families with a family income of 10 million or more rubles cannot apply for subsidies. This helps to provide subsidies for the poor.

For the past several months, the central government has stopped subsidizing LPG since May 2020. During the COVID-19 outbreak, action was taken after oil and gas prices fell in international markets.

However, government subsidies have not stopped. For example, the cost of government subsidies in fiscal year 2021 was 3,559 rubles. However, by comparison, the expenditure for the fiscal year 2020 was 24,468 million rubles. Read more – Flipkart Big Billion Days: Samsung, Realme, Opto, Motorola to launch new smartphones before mega sale

The numbers added to the FY20 are described on the back of the DBT program, in which case customers had to pay in full for LPG cylinders to receive subsidies in their bank accounts. The program, which was launched by the central government in January 2015, has recently been suspended by the central government. Also read -2021 Volkswagen Tagin India launches today – Check out the expected price, features and specifications

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