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Raising a rear wind farm
It hurts climate efforts

Renovated “Wind Farm 47,000 Homes” Page A1, September 25

As a member of the Odubo Association, I found the project to be tripled and the disappearance of prostitutes completely unbalanced.

The loss was tragic, but eventually the robbers learned to get rid of it. Animals Match – Deer have learned to eliminate predators by still developing a vicious tactic against mountain lions.

Renewable energy is the lifeblood of our future. We need to check the ultrasound sound to see if the rappers are moving or if they are looking for suitable tricks. If the problems persist, additional reproductive programs may compensate for the loss. In the United States alone, about 2 billion bird songs are killed by domestic cats each year without any action.

If we do not control the energy and climate problems, rappers will unfortunately be left behind.

Arman Newckerman
Portola Valley

A deserves it
Better… Ownership

The author of “A’s Better Than Half Empty Column” (p. A6, September 29) was right. Players and fans deserve better. But the solution is not to leave the group; Instead, the owner wants to invest more or sell the group.

When the team has a great team, it can draw 3 million fans. The owner seems to be making a profit by forming a more competitive and more in-depth team. Instead, he should take into account that the value of the group has been greatly appreciated since the time he was purchased. In the meantime, we will continue to see stars like Marcus North and a few of our supporters emerge.

The owner should stop talking about moving to Las Vegas.

Finally, if the owner is to be “rooted in Oakland” and the Howard terminal project cannot move forward, he should consider the Colosseum station. And if not, sell the group.

Douglas Abbott
Union City

Take State PG&E
It can help access the sun

I believe it is time for the state to take over PG&E, and instead of increasing prices on solar energy, make our gas and electricity as cheap as possible.

The need for more solar energy, less polarity, and less protection for our environment from fire and climate change.

Burial of utility lines is easy to enjoy. It is incredibly expensive and takes years and years. It is a good idea for small towns in fire zones to generate electricity through their own solar and wind power.

Tari Nicholson

Expanded Solar
Climate change, fire

I am writing in response to Renee’s wise letter (“The ruler must take action to save the roof sun”, pp. A6, September 30). There are many compelling reasons to fight PG&E’s apparent attempt to limit solar energy.

At the moment PG&E is not considered safe, we have many large forest fires, many homes are lost, and lives are disrupted. If we spend money on wind and solar energy for many small communities in forested areas, we will not have forest fires due to unforeseen power lines. Each watt generated by the sun or wind also reduces the risk of climate change.

Please write to our governor and the California Public Utilities Commission to increase solar energy.

Bill Nicholson

Discrimination is obvious
Petito container cover

The case of Gabriel “Gabi” Petito has rocked the country over the past few weeks. Among other things, extensive news coverage, FBI involvement, and a sense of urgency helped her find her family.

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