Letters to the Editor – Richardson ISD, Sharon Grisby, Dave Liber, Renewable Energy, Afghanistan

Thank you RISD Superintendent

My family and I have been living in the Highlands for 45 years and I retired after teaching at Lake Highland Junior High School and Fresman Center for 25 years. In August, I was assisting Richardson’s SDD bag at Lake Highland High School and she was driving in a parking lot in a golf cart, waving and talking to people and giving water bottles. When I asked who I was, I learned that RISD Supervisor was Jenny Stone.

As I was among 30 superintendents in the United States to develop advice as I prepared to reopen schools, I introduced myself to her and congratulated her. I also shared with my neighbors and friends about the fact that I had heard many great things about her, especially from our old friend Lake Highland Elder and who was elected as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Then the brave one stands in the schools and on the school board looking for masks that support her! How lucky we are that Jenny is in RISD by educating young people about our greatest wealth.

Maureen Royer, Dallas / Lake Highlands

Thanks to Gregby and Liber

Re: “NCAA Baylor Test Should Not Satisfy Anyone,” by Sharon Greggsby, Aug. 29 Metro column.

I want to thank Sharon Grigby for her portrayal of her true journalism. This column, like many of your previous reports, shows the great nature of journalism in the past – to follow! If no one is keeping tabs, what good is accountability?

She and Dave Liber are true “old school” reporters who manage our property tax and electricity grid management. I read the Metro section to get meaningful news about our communities and their administration. However, the front page, I say. Articles and sources tell me what an agenda-oriented narrative follows.

For Sharon and Dave, keep up the great work. They are helping us to fix problems and avoid the burden of time.

Neil Osman, Colville

Side by side salons

Re: “Art Show to Donate to Parenting – $ 50,000 Promise to Texas’ New ‘Draconia’ Abortion Law, Director, Wednesday Metro and Business History, and ‘Long-Term Abortion Law Makes Deep Feelings’ by Sharon Grigby, Wednesday Metro column

Thanks to these side pieces, both of which provide some healing for our wounds.

Thank you to Kelly Cornell and the Dallas Art Show for your courageous steps to support parenting, both financially and in action. I hope the number of influential people and organizations following your leadership will continue to grow.

For Ms. Grisby, most women in Texas and across the country have really listened to what they have to say about Senate Bill 8, and I hope your words serve as a “call to action” for all of us. I have enjoyed your columns for years, but this has moved to the top of my list. (And please don’t you think you can run for office?)

Karen Rosenthal, Irving

Increasing the size of power options

Re: “Unstoppable Electricity is Texas’ Response – State Must View Every Energy Challenge as an Opportunity to Build Efficiency and Flexibility” By Kiley Richardson News story.

Richardson’s comment was one of the most balanced in any newspaper. Most of the articles cover the same subject in the same sun, as in the story of Matthew Dali. For example, a study by the Brookings Institution found that the cost of solar energy in Kuwait was 19 cents more than coal or gas. And the wind is twice as big as coal. Wind turbines have a lifespan of 20 years, but the refund takes 40 years!

Tom E. Pryer, Denton

Study violence


I can see the wisdom of the editorial board where the US Commission is called to study the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Congress must first conduct a similar study on the January 6 uprising. We want an answer to who was organized and responsible on our own soil for the bloodshed on foreign lands.

Nancy McGuire, Dallas

Keep our soldiers at home

I Let me tell you, it just doesn’t work. I went there for the first time on a three-month flight, and there were only 16,000 troops in the country at the time.

We spent the evening at the Regon Hotel, in downtown Saigon, listening to music. The few bombs that were there were prevented from dropping bombs in the rice bowl for fear of damaging the essential food supply. What a way to fight a war.

But that’s the way we fight all our wars, and “Why are we there?” I have to ask. Vietnam didn’t mean much to us and we lost more than 50,000 brave young men before finally turning their backs. what a shame. And, look, we did it again in Afghanistan. I say keep our troops at home and let these countries defend themselves.

Walter Littlejohn, Allen

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