Lebanon is in the dark as a power-hungry country

Lebanon is plunged into total darkness with power outages and 6 million people without power.

The Mediterranean is battling one of the worst economic crises in the world since the catastrophic bombings of the capital, Beirut, in the 1850s.


Lebanon is plunged into darkness as the country’s power stations run out of fuelCredit Getty

The state-owned power company has confirmed that two of its major power plants have run out of oil as it struggles to import enough oil.

In most places, there is no electricity for more than an hour a day.

Meanwhile, the fuel needed to generate private backup generators is also in short supply.

“The Deir Ammar power plant was shut down this morning (Friday) due to a power outage, and the Zahrai plant was shut down this afternoon for similar reasons,” the statement said.

This caused the network to “completely collapse” without any chance of recovery.

It was the second such total discontinuation reported by EDL since the beginning of the month – with a similar large disruption last Saturday.

According to agency sources, efforts are being made to “find a way out of the crisis and ensure fuel supply.”

According to EDL, the shipment is expected to arrive on Saturday night and will be unloaded early next week.

After 13 months of political turmoil, one of the biggest challenges facing Lebanon’s new government, which was formed last month, is the return of electricity.

In a desperate bid to keep the lights on, several steps have been taken.

Lebanon has agreed to import Jordan’s electricity and Egyptian gas through war-torn Syria, while Shiite Hezbollah has begun supplying hydrocarbon to Iran.

According to the exchange agreement with Iraq, the state is importing some fuel to power stations in exchange for medical services.

About six million people across Lebanon are now living by torchlight


About six million people across Lebanon are now living by torchlightCredit Getty
Lebanon has been one of the biggest economic crises in the world since the 1850s


Lebanon has been one of the biggest economic crises in the world since the 1850sCredit Getty
Lebanon's oil supplies are completely dry


Lebanon’s oil supplies are completely dryCredit-Pacific Coast News

Lebanon is in the throes of an economic crisis as oil supplies run out.

Since 2019, the Lebanese currency has depreciated by 90%.

Many Lebanese traditionally rely on private diesel generators – albeit low.

A.D. Before the catastrophic explosion of August 2020, the economy was already in shambles – killing hundreds and injuring thousands.

And up to 300,000 people are also homeless by the 5 5 billion explosion.

Corruption and negligence are believed to have played a role in the bombing, as top security officials and politicians knew a large stockpile of landmines would be stored at the port in Beirut.

2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, used as fertilizer and explosives, was left in a warehouse for six years before it caught fire.

The force of the blast threw the victims into the sea, throwing a 200-foot[200 m]cliff, destroying buildings up to six miles from the blast site.

Explosion – One-fifth of Hiroshima’s nuclear bomb – 110 miles away in Cyprus



NINTCHDBPICT000683297850Credit Reuters
After an explosion that killed at least 100 people, a drone strike shows devastation in Beirut

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