Lebanon is angry as Israel moves forward with gas drilling plans

Lebanese officials are angry that a gas field company was awarded a contract to drill for Greek power plant energan off the northern coast of Israel last week.

Holiburnton is collaborating with Energean on the drilling and completion of three to five wells in the Karish North natural gas field along Lebanon’s disputed coast. According to Energen, the gas field is expected to hold about 1.14 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas.

For his part, Ahmed Kenawi, Vice President of Europe, Eurasia, and Constituent Assembly, said: In sub-Saharan Africa, Haliburton. “This campaign facilitates efficient delivery using our Halliburton 4.0 digital platform and drilling technologies.

Israel and Lebanon began negotiations in the United States over their maritime border last year, although talks earlier this year saw Lebanon move much further south and then to the first disputed area of ​​860 square kilometers. About 2,300 square kilometers. , Which at least covers the northern part of Karish.

The proposed Israeli-Lebanese maritime border. (Credit courtesy)

In June, Israel rejected a long-standing claim by Lebanon, although Energy Minister Karin Elharar said in June that “despite Israel’s strong legal issues, we are willing to come up with innovative solutions to the issue.”

Israel has become a major power in the region in recent years, with many natural gas fields being discovered in Israeli waters. Israel exports natural gas to Jordan and Egypt.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said in a statement on Saturday that “there is no negligence in this matter, Lebanese rights have not been violated and the United Nations must play its part in obstructing and forcing Israel.” Stop repeated violations of Lebanese rights and sovereignty.

Lebanese Council Speaker Nabih Berry called on the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “take immediate and immediate action to ensure that a new Israeli attack on Lebanese sovereignty and rights is carried out in the direction of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the international community.”

Berry added: “The completion of Israeli exploration commissions and maritime exploration contracts in the disputed area represents a breach of contract, or a breach of a US-backed framework agreement.

The speaker of the council questioned the failure of Tolo Novetk and Annie companies to start drilling in Lebanon’s No. 9 water, which has been disputed by Israel for months.

The UN envoy to Lebanon, Amal Mudali, has written to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Irish Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nasson. In a dispute between Lebanon and Israel to prevent any attack on Lebanese rights and sovereignty.

The letter called for “future drilling in disputed areas and for measures to be taken to endanger international peace and security.”

“Israel is not digging into disputed areas,” the Israeli Ministry of Energy said. The excavations that have been going on for years are being licensed to Karish and Karish North, and they are not in the area where they are disputing. ”

Lahav Harkov contributed to this report.

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