LearnExperts transforms online training solutions through AI, raises $ 1.25M Platform disrupting fast-growing learning technology market

OTTAWA, Sept. 13, 2021 (Globe News) – LearnExperts, the creator of the fast-paced course creation platform created by artificial intelligence (II), has announced the closing of its $ 1.25 million round of overdue enrollment with Sand Hill North and Mars SIF. , And Capital Angel, Maple Leaf Angel, and Georgia Angel Networks, including six female investors.

As demand for digital training solutions erupts, many learning technology companies are reporting a 50 percent growth in the market, which is projected to cost $ 2525 by 2025. LearnExperts will use this investment to accelerate their market leadership in the sector.

After 20 years of learning companies like Cognos, IBM, PTC and Kinaxis, LearnExperts founder Sarah Sidman decided in 2019 to leave the comfort of corporate life and pursue a mission to disrupt the learning space.

“Years ago, when I was in charge of course development, I received a call from the CEO who needed my help because we had customers and released new features quickly, but after our product was released, our training was reduced by six to nine months, which means we could not. “We don’t train our customers to get value right away from our software and we risk losing it as a customer,” he said.

While it may take some months to develop the content and release the courses, the course development process is still manual and very time consuming.

Sedgman’s experiences have led to the development of a digital course creation platform that automatically converts existing content into course. LearnExperts guides the user to create a complete course with the best practices implemented through proprietary artificial intelligence. Starting with existing content that is not intended for learning, the result is a consistent, ready-to-use lesson that seems to have been developed as a professional. LearnExperts takes months to days to create and start a new course.

“We immediately saw the value in LearnExperts and knew we wanted to be a major investor,” said Ryan Henry, a partner at Sand Hill North. “We need innovative technology companies that can better shape the future of our business. The LearnExperts platform saves course creators days and allows them to easily build high-quality consistent courses.

LearnExperts protects large enterprise customers in its first year

When LearnExperts launched forums, the demand was high, and customers immediately sought solutions. Initially, he planned to start a business, but when he did, he decided to accelerate and increase capital. The company is now achieving a stable customer base supported by a listed investment cycle.

“We are impressed with the team’s in-depth domain knowledge and unique solutions to address the challenges of developing content quickly,” said Kevin Saddle, MARSF’s investment director. We look forward to participating in this latest funding round, supporting the team and being part of the LearnExperts journey.

What I love about Sarah is her passion, her leadership, and her energy. What I love about her and her team is that they have done this before in the big tech corporations, ”said Julia LVD, board member of the Capital Angel Network. “We support LearnExperts and believe that they have the right solution at the right time to give special value to the big companies around the world.

“I have been selling software solutions for many years, and when I met Sarah and her team, I saw a great opportunity to immediately offer value in an explosive market,” said Jim Brown, an active Georgia Angel Network investor. “Their system is unique and strong to their marketing strategy, and I look forward to working with Sarah and her team with the necessary advice.

“I would like to thank the Canadian investor community, investment Ottawa and many industry professionals for their great support,” Sedgman said. Our investors are Sand Hill North, Mars SIF, Capital Angel Network, Maple Leaf Angel Network, Georgia Angel Network and Independent Investors Strategic, Intelligent Investors and already great partners.

Learn more at LearnExperts.ai.

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