LAURELS: Dean Athena is respected as a ion in geophysics

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  • Estela Athena, Department of Earth and Planets Science
  • Susan Kauzlarich, Department of Chemistry
  • Carlito Librila, Department of Chemistry
  • Philip Power, Department of Chemistry
  • Donna St Stowski, Law School
  • Richard E. Bradon, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • University of California, Respected for their efforts in diversity and green energy

The Association of Geologists recently presented the award to Dean, a member of the new faculty of UCV Davis. Estela Athena College of Letters and Science, b Her inability to work Awareness of biogeophysics and microbiological processes below the surface.

She became the third woman and the first To receive the African American woman AIn its 60-year history, Ward. Originally known as the SEG Medal Award in 1977, he was renamed Fescendon for inventing the concept of meditation and reference research.

Athena joined Davis in the USA. Ocean and environment.

It is a key biochemical mechanism that uses geophysical instruments to measure changes in the microorganisms. The study focused on sites contaminated with hydrocarbons, which play a major role in the destruction of soil, rock, and water microbes. This work also has implications for life in the highlands.

Her contribution to the exploration of geophysics also includes the study of the geographical division of the Earth’s plateau. She is a Fellow of the American Geological Society and has received outstanding teacher awards from the Association of Women Geologists and the Geophysics Association.

– Becky Oskin, Content Strategy, College of Letters and Science

Left – Susan Cowzlarich, Carlito Librila and Philip Power.

The American Chemical Society recently presented awards to three prominent chemistry professors at UC Davis:

  • Susan Kauzlarich, The recipient of the ACS Award for Environmental Chemistry: Her research focuses on collaborations and applications in the fields of synthesis and characterization of zinc levels, in the fields of thermal materials, magnetic resonance imaging, energy storage, opto-electronics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Carlito Librila, Frank H. Field and Joe El Franklin Prize for Outstanding Success in Mass Spectrometry – Recognizing the Impact of Glycoconjugates on Health and Nutrition, including how milk sugar feeds and grows beneficial microbes in the baby’s digestive system. New methods for identifying glycoconjugates.
  • Philip Power, Recipient of the M. Frederick Hawthor Award in the main group energy chemistry – recognizing its contribution to the synthesis, structure and physical and chemical properties of synthesis and ornometric compounds.

– Becky Oskin, Content Strategy, College of Letters and Science

Donna Shestowsky

Donna St Stowski, A Martin Luther King, Jr., Professor of Law and Director of the Law School of the Law School, has been named a member of the American Bar Foundation. Independent Institute for Research Practical and comprehensive legal study.

As a member of the Honorary Society of the American Bar Foundation, she joins other lawyers. Judges, jurists, and jurists who have shown great commitment to public or private practice, to the highest principles of the law, and to the well-being of their communities. Members are elected by their peers on the basis of a board.

St Stowski holds both a law degree and a PhD. He teaches seminar courses in psychology, criminal law, negotiation strategies and alternative dispute resolution, as well as legal psychology.

Richard E. Bradon

Richard E. Bradon, A physicist, recently received an award from the Kent State University Alumni Association.

A.D. In 1977 he received a bachelor’s degree in physics from Kent. At Rochester University and P.D. Experimental Physics at Rockefeller University.

During his career, he conducted research and experiments with Fermilab, KK in Tukuba, Japan, and Geneva in Illinois. He was a founding member of CMS Expert at CERN’s largest Hadron Collage. CMS and its sister trial, Atlas, In 2012, he found the Higgs Boson piece.

The University of California has recently received national recognition for its efforts on diversity and green energy:

  • Higher Education Excellence Award, Presented by INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine – The award recognizes the University’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, particularly in recruiting and retaining diverse students and staff, said Lené Perltein, publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity, in a press release. Another reason was the strong support of the UC leaders for the diversity and inclusion efforts. “We strive to reflect the diversity of California every day,” said UAC Vice President of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Affairs, Vice President of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. UC: As an international institution, it is important to respect and respect different perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds. Read more in this UC article.
  • Green Power Leadership Award Issued U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Recognition of Organizations They follow the best practices and inspire others to support green energy. Recipients of this year – UC, Boston University, Microsoft, Starbucks and Dane County, Wisconsin. Renewable Energy Markets ConferenceE. “The future of energy, which is at stake on our planet, is truly green and the University is committed to continuing to help lead it,” said David Phillips, UPC Vice President of Capital Programs, Energy and Sustainability. Read more in this UC newsletter.

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