Launched at Guildhal School of Music and Drama for a six-week online course in DJing

A six-week online course in Digging started at Gilhal School of Music and Drama.

The program is led by London-based drummer and bass DJ DJ Spepepe, and is open to anyone 18 years of age and older to learn how to play tampons, signatures and masterpieces. No prior skills are required, and female candidates are encouraged to apply. The technical setup and the three-channel mix will also be on the curriculum.

If you have purchased or are thinking about it, this course may be for you. In six weeks I will teach you not only how to set up and play your device, but also history. DJing and how it has become a multi-billion pound industry, ”said DJ Steppeya.

“Touching music theory, we divide a track into major parts and see how we use music as a stimulus for our audience, bringing power to our collections,” he said. “This course will be an introductory step, so I look forward to meeting some new artists who are looking to participate. Music technology and DJs are available these days so you don’t have to spend a lot on equipment. Get your hands on where we also buy or join apps. “

The course is one of the many new offerings at the institute, including a six-week online course in intermediate skills, a history of jazz, 1942-1959, and an introduction to the music business. The Gilhal School of Music and Drama is a conservation institution in London that dates back to 1880.

A.D. In 2019, several UK test boards decided to allow high school music students to play turbines, CDs, controllers, and laptops in their music courses rather than traditional instruments. That same year, he began persuading young people to replace electronic music with classical music in school settings.

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