Latina Comida Dinner with Tokf, BOCA Tacos and Fron Byron Gomez

It is always a good time to have fun with Maria.

F Maria Maria Mazon Of BOCA Tacos y Tequila Is collaborating with ff Byron Gomez, Who was a competitor High f Portland, For Latin Latina Comida. The big, multi-course meal is being held at BOCA Tacos y Tequila on Saturday, October 30 at 6 p.m.

However, last night, the two fs met for free and greeted each other Red Light Lounge at Downtown Clifton 5 – 7 pm Friday, October 29.

The beginning of a lifelong friendship

The latest season in class eight High – F – Named “Games of War” AKA “Restaurant Wars” – f Mazon wins the competition with the team Coxon. F Gomez was also part of that group that combined Japanese and Latin cuisine.

“Maria’s food and my food are very different, but we both teach Latin flavors,” says Byron Gomez. “They say, that’s what we do. But I am a little better Good dining And she is more in the countryside. She is very independent and that is an inspiration to me. She keeps me on the ground. I feel like I am at my aunt’s house cooking with a very respectable and energetic person. We are always separated. ”

Latin Comida Dinner

Six course meals are prepared by both fsf and they create a unique menu inspired by the heritage of Mexico and Costa Rica. A portion of the money will also be provided to the Florence Refugee and Refugee Rights Project Children’s Program.

Each course is unique in its own way, including Achilles tendon cauliflower with Palmoto South -Gomez says that something is one of the most common ingredients in Costa Rica.

FF Byron Gomez

Top By: Byron Gomez (Credit Stone House Pictures)

We show it and almost a Kochinita Pibil I think it is very, very important to be prepared from vegetables rather than pork, ”said Gomez. “It’s something I look forward to: cooking more sustainable and vegetable-based foods. I think it emphasizes and you know, it honors both our cultures.

Tickets are $ 250 per person, which includes all courses and cocktails. FF Mazon had the same dinner as the other High f f Contestant Sarah Howman at BOCA Tacos in the summer.

Latina Comida Dinner Menu

  • Tequila Reposado – Nixta licor de elote, citrus, agave and Combier
  • Ojo de Tigre Mezkal – Orange juice, grape juice and Jamaica
  • Abasolo Whiskey de Elote – Mole Bitter and Agave
First course
  • Austria – Medium-sized oysters, roasted oyster foam, boiled pumpkin and cilantro
Second course
  • Cream de Calabza – Smoked pumpkin cream and topped with sweet chili and caviar
The third course
  • Biscuit Crudo – Filet mignon, chorizo ​​yuca crumb;
Fourth course
  • Trio Moles and Roasted Fish – Sesame Molecule, Molecule Verde and Molecu Negro served by Temura Rare snapper
Fifth course
  • Achilles tendon cauliflower with Palmoto South – Roasted cauliflower, acacia glass, palm oil, cilantro oil and black radish
Sixth course
  • Taco de Pato – Roasted duck, served with homemade corn husks and stuffed with nodal salsa
Seventh course
  • Sweets – (Surprising)
Meet at the Red Light Lounge and say hello

As mentioned earlier, FF Mazon and GF Gomez will also be attending the Red Light Lounge on Friday, October 29, and will be greeted 5: 7 p.m. Downtown Clifton Hotel.

The event is also free to attend.

“I like to meet new people, to share new opportunities and my story,” Gomez said. It’s very, very amazing.

FF Byron Gomez

Top By: Byron Gomez (Credit Stone House Pictures)

BOCA Tacos y Tequila is located at 533 N. Fourth Ave. For more information and to purchase your dinner tickets, visit

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