Last place in place – September 12, 2021

Jade Energy’s planned Sourdough hope is well, Jade 1, close to reality for the start of winter 2022-23. July 27, Hillcorcor North slope In Tom Thompson Unit, state oil and gas lease ADL 343112, part 5 of the S, is allocated to Jade in Sodo Hope. (Jade holds 95% interest at a time on a remote agreement with Point Thomson operator ExxonMobil and other job owners.)

Hilcope, like other consumers, maintained low interest rates in the area.

After the BP was approved, the final 5% allocation was delayed, but it later sold off its Alaskan properties to Hilkorkor, delaying Jade’s plans to dig in the summer of 2021-22.

Tom Stokes, director of the Alaska Department of Petroleum and Gas under the Department of Natural Resources, told Petroleum News that the lease allocation will be made by the agency next week.

That move should allow Alaska-based Jade to take over the balance of Sodo’s development budget. The balance sheet could be used by Jade to offset the impact of the current 40% net profit margin.

An earlier analysis by the Alaska Department of Revenue showed that in addition to the standard 12.5% ​​royalty and other northern slope taxes imposed on the project, Sodood’s economic development (negative net current value) would not be 40% NPSL burden. In terms of expected future crude oil prices, office construction costs and other related development costs. By minimizing the impact of the NPSL on future tax obligations, the project will be more commercially viable.

Successful batometric survey

Jade recently completed a third helicopter-based bathing study at Point Thomson’s service center, where CEO Eric Optadad is working.

The survey was very successful, he told Petroleum News on September 2.

The survey shows that there is enough water depth to reach the PTU service pier, which is often used for moving drilling equipment.

The company plans to use Nordic Rig 3 or Nabors 27E for the project. The Nabors 27E is a powerful tool that has been used extensively in the Thomson in the past to drill deep condensate reservoirs, and the Nordic Rig 3 appears to be an easy alternative to drilling in shallow sodward turbidites.

Togo Thomson is expected to launch by boat in September 2022.

Chasing Brooke

Is Jade’s main target “Point Thomson Brookian resource”, the “25 API Gravity Oil” for the article? According to Optstad, the oil is found in the high-pressure reservoir sand found at the Thoton Thompson unit and the nearby Badami oil field, 22 miles west of PTU.

Jade also told the agency that the “Tho” part of the area, as well as the surrounding area, is an important factor in marketing Brock’s opportunity to market to Thomson.

The Sardows lease, located south of Point Thomson and near the western boundary of the ANR 1002, was drilled by BP in the mid-1990s to contain Sodium oil wells in Brooke (in collaboration with Chevron at the time).

In a 1997 press release, Sopdough contained an estimated 100 million barrels of renewable oil.

Jade explained that the Brock reservoir in Area F had been identified and identified in the Thomson section of the site and in several wells dug in the area since the mid-1970s.

The two wells dug in the hope of Sodom itself are sealed by Jade:

* In March 1994, BP dug 2 to 12,562 feet of TV (true vertical depth) and the hole was leaked.

* In 1996, BP Sordowd dug 3 and reached 12,475 feet of TV in March. The well was blocked. The Alaska Oil and Gas Protection Commission, or OCC, provided confidentiality to both wells.

Connecting infrastructure

Exxon Mobil has developed the economy of other oil prospects by building a 70,000 barrel-a-day pipeline at Point Thompson, connected to the Badomi unit, and moving the 800-mile trans Alaska oil pipeline to pump station 1. East.

Among those promises were Sododow and Yukon Gold, part of a renewed Alaska subdivision of 88 Energy. Yukon Gold is about 10 miles south of Sordo. It is located near the ANRA 1002.

The Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary (ANRR) covers an area of ​​19.3 million hectares – approximately South Carolina – northeast Alaska. A.D. In 1980, Congress (and President Jimmy Carter) declared more than 8 million acres of land in the ANWR as part of the Alaska National Interest Land Protection Act, or ANC. The law provides for 1.57 million acres of ANR 1002 for oil exploration and future growth.

Note: Area F covers approximately 7,647 hectares in the northeast and southeast corners of Point Thomson, but Jade owns and operates the PTU tract 32, ADL 343112 in the eastern F area.

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