Large-scale oil spills in New York City are polluting the Mediterranean Sea

August 24 and 25, 2021 August 2021 Copernicus Centennel-1 satellites depict oil spills off the coast of Syria.  It has since spread to the West.

August 24 and 25, 2021 August 2021 Copernicus Centennel-1 satellites depict oil spills off the coast of Syria. It has since spread to the West.
Image: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-1

A The Syrian power plant began pouring oil last week, And now the liquid is heading to Cyprus. Its impact on the oceans and communities as it spreads across the Mediterranean Sea can be devastating.

Syrian officials said The flow began in August 23a It flowed into a septic tank 15,000 tons of fuel By Banias Power station according to the Syrian government News Agency SANA.

Satellite imaging analysis is covered by the Orbital EOS flow 309 square miles (800 square miles)), The size of New York City. That’s what was originally intended – in Satellite images Last week, the liquid appeared to be measured 10 square miles (26) Square kilometers).

Oil spill in Syria by Orbil EOS satellite image analysis.

Officials from Cyprus is expected She slipped to the edge of her country on Wednesday, but thanks b Transition in the wind, Narrowly escaped the island. Officials in Cyprus and Turkey, as well as Israeli officials, continue to monitor their borders for signs of contamination.

The slide also seems to be partially scattered Wednesday, According to the guardian. However, as it did, it stuck to the ocean floor, leaving oil particles. Sailors are clearing them, but it could still be a disaster for the Mediterranean’s rich ecosystemE. The marine region is approximately residential 17,000 different species of wildlife, Represents up to 18% of all marine life in the world.

The World Wildlife Federation’s Mediterranean Marine Inive TV “WWF is very concerned about the oil spill in Syria last week” Is in Press release. “This preventable event will have a rapid and long-term impact on local coastal ecosystems and vulnerable communities.

Residents in the area The Mediterranean fears the consequences of oil spills on local economies. It can cause serious damage to fish and tourism.

“People don’t want this, it’s already hard to live here and this has really affected the lives of many families and made them lose their income.”A An unnamed resident of Bania He told CNN.

He said neither the Syrian government nor the government To properly address the severity of the problem. The country is in turmoil Economic crisis due to War, Rapid Depreciation and Fall of Covidy-19 Closes.

“The government only sent teams with sponges and water pipes. They cannot cope with it. … You can’t clean the sea with a sponge; Says the resident.

Turkish environmental officials are gathering resources to help control the spill, as is North Cyprus in Turkey.

“This is not just a problem in North Cyprus,” said Semeli vere Zerel Ekinchi, director of the North Cypriot Engineering Department. He told the Guardian. We have to work with the South.

This is the second major oil spill this year in the Eastern Mediterranean. In February, An oil tanker spilled off the coast of Israel Left tar and other toxins as if The coasts of Israel and Lebanon. Scientists have called for an alarm A tanker placed on the shores of Yemen That is too close to spill its oil content. The leaks show that the dangers of using fossil fuels are not related to climate alone. Oil, gas and coal It can also cause environmental damage.

Mauro Randon, co-ordinator of WWF’s Mediterranean Marine Initiative TV, said: “Mediterranean countries must take strong measures to rehabilitate and protect outdated oil and gas infrastructure to prevent further incidents affecting such important ecosystems and vulnerable communities.”


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