Kramer’s “Executive Decision” – Chevron looks at hydrogen and natural gas

Chevron recently told Jim Kramer that he wanted to be a unique energy company.

Jim Kramer sat down with Chevron chairman and chief executive Mike Whitt in the “Executive Decision” section recently. (CVX) – Get a Chevron Corporation report, On the heels of Chevron’s sustainability mission and goals. (Learn more about how to get real money from investment ideas here.)

Worth is a very different energy company from 40 years ago. But Chevron is listening to shareholders who demand more environmental responsibility and increase sustainability. That is why Chevron has tripled its commitment to investing in fast-growing low-carbon energy sources.

However, because they are growing, they do not see Chevron investing in the wind or the sun. Instead, Chevron is investing in green hydrogen and green natural gas from dairy and land reservoirs. In Utah, for example, the company is involved in a green hydrogen project to supply electricity to California.

Chevron now has two strategies. It still aims to continue to be a leader in various power environments while creating value and returning it to its shareholders. There are many markets where electrification does not make sense, Wert told Grammer, and those are places where Chevron adds value.

Creating shareholder value Wirth Chevron has always been disciplined by capital allocation and these new investments are no different.

Also on the oil front, Royal Dutch ll l (RDS B) – Get a report for the Royal Dutch LLC P sponsored ADR Unit for The Permian Basin signed an agreement to sell the property to Konko Phillips (Copy) – Get a ConocoPhillips report $ 9.5 billion in cash. Kramer has previously said that oil companies are not going to Gung-ho in Permania, despite the fact that oil costs more than $ 70.

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