Keysight provides an immersive e-learning platform for R&D leaders and engineers

Keysight University offers easily accessible content to explore today’s engineering challenges

Santa Rosa, California – (Business Wire) –$ KEYS # 5G– Case ight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that provides advanced design and certification solutions to accelerate innovation to connect the world and secure it, announced the launch of Quiz University, an interactive online platform for engineers to learn about testing and measurement. Basic, engineering design tips and best practices in their industry.

As Keysight’s broad customer base engineers and R&D leaders seek to keep pace with new technologies such as cellular 5G, quantum and connected cars, the company has created an in-depth e-learning platform to make engineering education more accessible.

The curriculum highlights the skills engineers who need to adapt to technology. Keysight University provides appropriate and enriching resources to explore engineering challenges, including accurate digital and radio frequency measurement approaches, industry standards, software testing automation, IoT, and more.

“The growing number of faculty and students from industry-leading companies, as well as from international universities, is growing,” said Jeff Harris, vice president of corporate and portfolio marketing at Keysight. Technologies. We are committed to supporting engineering education for our clients, students, faculty and lifelong students for many years to come.

To date, Keys University has more than 130 courses, all of which have been developed and published within distance limits, focusing on developing advanced technology topics such as 5G, automotive, high-speed digital, network security, aircraft engineering and quantum computing.

As of September 2021, more than 32,000 engineers covering 191 countries have enrolled at Keys University. In total, this community of engineers enrolled in more than 81,000 courses.

“When it comes to improving efficiency, the biggest impact is learning a combination of many techniques, such as reading or watching videos,” said Ralph Presros, a senior research engineer with the integration of coexistence and electromagnetic compatibility systems. “Keysight understands and supports a wide range of training materials, from application notes to webinars, to providing the information that the engineering community needs today and in the future.

Keysight University offers courses on the following key topics:

  • 5 g

  • Aerospace and Prevention

  • Automotive and Energy

  • Design and simulation

  • Digital Experiment

  • Items Internet (IOT)

  • Network security and testing

  • Quantum

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Test

  • Semiconductor test

  • Software testing automation

More information about Keysight University and the Keysight Education Program

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Keysight provides advanced design and validation solutions to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s commitment to speed and accuracy leverages software-driven insights and analytics that will accelerate tomorrow’s technology products into the market by enhancing and visualizing tomorrow’s technology products through a life cycle of development, design simulation, prototype verification, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and enterprise. Service provider and cloud locations. Our clients extend global communications and industrial ecosystems, aviation and defense, automotive, power, semiconductor and general electronics markets. Keysight earned $ 4.2 billion in fiscal year 2020. For more information on Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), visit us at

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