Keisha helps people find balance in a pandemic world

Kaisha Allen: Smith Enhancing Love and Light (Photo by Jesse Monice Hardy)

On top of that, working from home seems like a good idea. Ideally, you can sleep between work cycles and cook dinner when those reports are complete.

But since the outbreak began in March 2020, the reality is a little different. Many people work long hours because there are no hard-hitting hours or long commutes to divide the day.

“The line between work and home has been blurring over time,” said Kaisha Allan-Smith, coach of Love and Enlightenment Company.

“When we work from home, we start working hard, or later we go out at night,” she says. We do not take care of ourselves.

Too much to sleep on during the work day.

To help people gain more balance, Ms. Allan-Smith is launching a free, low stress stress free virtual webinars.

“This workshop encourages you to make lifestyle and lifestyle changes that create a work-life balance and improve your quality of life,” he said.

According to Allan-Smith, Bermuda felt like a murderer when she first entered the locker room in April 2020. She had been suing all day in a way she had never done before.

“We have to build many structures and practices in our lives,” I said.

Scheduling for everyone in her family increased productivity, and soon things were returning to her.

She said, “I really agree with what I call” Magic Morning. ” “I think it’s important to start your day right. I do what I call my mind, my activity, and my prayers. I have my morning routine to help me get started. I often go into nature. ”

Her extra strength, less stress Webburn is part of her career and life management workshop.

She noticed that even before the outbreak, many people felt stressed, trapped, and anxious. Covid-19 has only increased demand for stress management workshops.

It is timely and rewarding to present a series of CALM workshops during the epidemic because it allows me to share information and make a difference in the way people change their daily lives. ” The epidemic has had a devastating effect on the physical and mental health of people around the world.

She says that workshops have really helped people get some balance in their lives.

“I encourage people to reduce stress, increase energy levels, and improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being,” he said.

She encourages people to make their own plans.

“At the end of the day, it is our daily habits and experiences that affect our well-being,” he said. I offer options in my workshops and help people build strategies or plans for themselves. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s about what works for you. Above all, I encourage people to reflect and choose their daily habits.

Promoting love and enlightenment offers a balanced class of work, life and home.

“I show people how overwork and overcrowding affect their safety,” said Allan-Smith. “We look at how stress affects them. They evaluate their own personal power levels to find out where they are. Then I teach them strategies for reducing stress and strain. ”

One of your devices is called the ENERGY formula. Energy means exercise, nature, eating well, resting, getting your mind right and coming first.

“I will give you this power formula,” she said.

She likens personal power to a bank account.

“When your bank account is depleted, think more about how much you will spend and try to make more deposits,” he said. “I suggest we treat our energy in the same way. Most people experience power outages on a daily basis. He is giving us strength in all that we do. We connect with home and family. We are exhausting ourselves, but how often do we do things to renew our energy or save our energy? How are you eating? How did you rest? How much time do you spend in nature? How much are you working on in your thinking or self-care? ”

He said it was important to save more energy than to leave.

“Stress and low energy are a recipe for disease and illness,” he said.

“Allen Smith has been forced to become a pillar of the global health crisis,” she said. She worked in virtual space with clients such as the Internet Agency’s Children and Families Committee, the Bermuda General Agency and the Bermuda Teachers’ Union during the locks and shelter orders.

Now Bermuda has reopened, taking a mixed approach.

“I’ve used this content to do some international workshops,” said Ms. Allan Smith. It is needed all over the world.

She also offers Mindset Matters, focusing on developing a mindset. She gave this workshop to staff, students and parents at the Berkeley Institute.

For other workshops, including understanding the effects of stress and trauma, put yourself first and be careful 101.

Masters classes are two hours long, and workshops are one hour each, and can be done in person or in practice.

So far, 250 to 300 people have taken part in the workshop. Feedback positive.

“People hug and want more,” she says. “I have a lot of testimonies from people who say this is what they need. People are looking for a way to find themselves on the right path. The workshops will motivate them to make these changes. He put them into practice. ”

She plans to continue teaching in both imaginary and physical fields.

She found in her body a love of teaching and imagination.

“There’s something about the training and workshops that will help build relationships,” he said. “However, the virtual space is more comfortable for people. People should not travel anywhere.

Ms. Alan-Smith expects virtual education to become more widespread in the world of education.

Mrs. Allan-Smith is a teacher and energy trainer. She completed a Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate, a Mind Teacher Training course and a Reiki Level 2 certificate.

In addition to love and enlightenment, Ms. Allan-Smith is Director of Personnel Development and Guidance at the Berkeley Institute. She is also the Target Education Officer.

More energy, less stress, will be held tomorrow from 12 noon to 12.45 pm. Go to to register.

Email for more information, or call 334-7145. Check it out on Instagram @loveandlightempowerment or on Facebook under Kesha Allen-Smith


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