KB House announces the opening of Skyview Grand in Ponte Vista, a community on a new veranda in South Los Angeles.

San Pedro, California- (Business WireNYSE: KBH today announced the grand opening of Skyview in a new, veranda community in the main Los Angeles area of ​​South Bay. The new community is located southwest of Palos Verdes Drive in San Pedro, a town between Long Beach and Palos Verdes. On Pinte Vista, SkyV makes it easy to get to the main hubs, the port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal, Long Beach Airport and the Air Space Corridor. At Pinte Vista, Skyville is also just minutes from popular beaches, golf courses, parks and beach shopping, dining and entertainment. The new community includes a number of planned amenities, including a pool, spa, fireplace, park, children’s playground, event venues and hiking trails.

The three-story houses on Skyview on Pinte Vista showcase desirable design features such as spacious kitchens, kitchens and beautiful storage areas. The community’s floor plans include up to four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet.

On Pante Vista, Skyville is a new, fenced community between Los Verdes and Long Beach and a few minutes away from the famous beaches, golf courses, parks and beach shopping, dining and entertainment. Celtic Cole, president of KB Home Los Angeles and Ventura County. “The community offers customers an unusual opportunity to buy and customize a new home in a limited number of new and reselling stores.

KB House stands out from other home builders as the company offers special buyers and control over homebuyers. KB Home starts by offering many different homes at an affordable price. The developer then gives buyers the ability to customize their homes from floor plans to exterior heights, from design options to where they live in the community. The KB home team works hand-in-hand with homeowners from house to house to have a real partner in the process.

Each KB house is designed to be ENERGY STAR® Thanks to quality construction techniques and materials that save significantly on utility bills compared to the homes you use. In addition, all new KB homes are designed to provide improved indoor environment and include high-performance ventilation systems, low or zero-VOS products and other features that are guided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EP) indoor air quality standards.

In the Ponte Vista sales office and model houses, SkyV is open for personalized appointments, and incoming visits are welcome. Homebuyers also have the flexibility to schedule a live video tour with a sales consultant. Pricing starts at a minimum of $ 1M.

For more information on KB Home, call 888-KB-HOMES or visit kbhome.com.

About KB Origin

Kabe Home is one of the largest and most reputable home builders in the United States and has been building quality homes for over 60 years. Today, KB Home operates in 45 markets in eight states, serving multiple buyers. What makes our customers unique is how we can customize their homes from their home and floor plans to cabinets and desks, at affordable prices. We are the first developer to build every home ENERGY STAR we build® Verified. In fact, we go beyond the API requirements to ensure that every ENERGY STAR certified KB home is tested and verified by a third-party inspector to meet API certification requirements, reduce ownership costs and build our new homes. Healthier and more comfortable than the new ones without a certificate. We also work with our clients at all levels to build strong personal relationships so that they have a real partner in the home construction process, and the experience is as simple and easy as possible. Learn more about how to build relationships on connections by visiting Kbhome.com.

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