Karnataka: BJP lawmakers label Taliban as world oil prices | Bengalru News – Indian Times

Benin The answer lies in controlling international crude oil prices for the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommay said on Thursday that he would discuss the issue with Union Finance Minister Nirmalala Citraman.
Minister of Urban Development Biratti Basavaraju said the government is taking the issue seriously.
“We understand the situation and will raise the issue at the next cabinet meeting,” he said.
However, Agriculture and Fruit Minister Casey Narayana and Goda accused opposition parties of raising prices for their political gain, saying people were not hurt by the increase.
“He is playing a political drama in the name of inflation. Didn’t prices increase during previous governments? Only political parties are on the streets, not ordinary people. “People know why the prices of commodities and petroleum products are rising.”
He also said that commodity prices are constantly changing and that there is nothing special about that. “It is a temporary chapter; Prices will go down in the future. ”
BJP MLA Arvind Bellad has taken a step forward and made progress in Afghanistan to increase the price of petroleum products.
Crude oil has plunged into Afghanistan due to the Taliban crisis. As a result, prices for LPG, petrol and diesel are rising. ”
Bellad questioned whether the price increase in the corporation’s election would affect the party’s future.
“Voters are mature enough to make the right decision to understand the reasons for inflation. The central government will make the right decision to control prices at the right time, ”he said.


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