Joe Beden ‘put his foot in the power industry’, now he needs more oil – Salena Zito

In the face of rising political prices in the United States, Saina Zito, a challenging political journalist in Washington, said she was shocked by President Joe Biden’s call for more oil.

On Wednesday night, President Zito, who was a guest at Tuckers Carlson, put his foot in the oil and gas industry and asked why the Binding administration was sounding the alarm about rising energy prices. Office.

“The energy industry in the United States is one of the strongest sectors in our economy before the epidemic, we have produced more oil than any other country in the world and we are self-sufficient in that area,” he said. .

In a statement to the White House, Jack Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, said the OPEC increase was “simply not enough” to tackle the global epidemic. More to support recovery. ”

She created jobs in the energy industry throughout the United States, and said she was “eager” to ask OPEC to produce more oil when the Binding administration restricted production in the United States.

“It’s not just entrepreneurs, and it’s not just in the energy industry, it’s in the sub-basin industries that support it, and the communities that grow in it, and the school districts that benefit from it,” he said. But it was also very important in national security, which is why I think today the head of national security is telling us that he is begging the OPEC countries to produce more oil.

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Zito also cites Biden’s recent history of harming the American oil industry.

“The energy industry Joe Biden has set foot on the following day and there is no exaggeration in that statement. Influenced by life, American life is deeply in there.

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