Job development in oil and gas

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HOUSTON (CW39) – Oil industry data from the Texas Labor Commission indicates that Texas will increase its oil and natural gas production by 1,500 jobs in July.

The Texas Oil and Gas Association says that by September 2020, the number of months with the lowest unemployment rate is 8 to 2. A.D. Compared to the same month in 2020, July 2021 jobs are more than the same month last year. Currently, it is 15,800 or 9.9% higher than the Gorgorosi 2020 jobs.

Ongoing oil and natural gas upward growth is good news beyond oil. Every direct oil and natural gas operation in Texas generates another 3.0 jobs in the state’s economy. Oil and natural gas are not only essential for our daily lives, but they also sustain our economy and strengthen our energy security.

Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA).

This and other economic impact data are included in a recent analysis by TXOGA and the American Petroleum Institute on how the oil and natural gas industry will accelerate post-epidemic economic recovery and strengthen all industries.

The upper basin sector includes oil and natural gas extraction and excludes other industries such as refineries, petrochemical, oil refineries, oil refineries, pipelines and gas utilities.


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