Jetro Partners with US President Immediate to Promote Japan’s Startups in the Global Market

San Francisco, September 20, 2021.– (Business We) – Japan Export (JETRO) will host an online acceleration program in collaboration with the Japanese Cabinet Office from October 2021 to March 2022. In this program, Jetro collaborates with 6 major accelerators to develop. Development of Japanese start-up ecosystems – serving as a gateway for Japanese startups in the world market. Startups will find opportunities on their own, with foreign investors and new business partners.

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This year, Jetro will select 100 top startups from all over Japan. Jetro supports their global expansion by offering specialized courses in specialized areas such as B2B, Bio-Healthcare, Climate / Hygiene Technology and University-Based Deep Technology. Each course will be conducted at a high speed with a unique performance in each area. Teachers, Alchemists, Cambridge Innovation Center, Plug and Play, Berkeley Sky Deck and World Creative Laboratory all support the beginnings of different stages of development through these courses.

An introductory camp and in-depth meetings will be followed during the launch day, where each startup will show what it has done for an international investor audience.

General group – This group will be sector agnostic and will show a wide range of startups from different vertical and horizontal levels. This group will be hosted by Texstars.

Cleaning Technology Group -This group includes startups involved in climate technology, sanitation technology, energy, green technology, materials and sustainability. The team will be led by Texan, who have focused on their own new programs and initiatives on hygiene technology and sustainability.

About Texts:

A.D. Founded in 2006, Texans started with three simple ideas: Entrepreneurship creates a better future for everyone, collaboration inspires creativity, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Texster has invested in more than 2,300 companies and has a portfolio worth over $ 185 billion.

Bio / Health Care Team – This group includes initiatives that focus primarily on health and biotechnology, such as digital health, medical equipment, health care services, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) conducts this course with extensive knowledge of American medical and biological landscapes.

About the CIC

A.D. In 1999, Cambridge, MA, CIC supported more than 7,500 start-ups and technology companies, and invested more than $ 13.5 billion in start-ups in CIC gaps. At CIC, we believe in creative power to build a better world. More information at

Enterprise Business (B2B) Group -This group includes startups that focus only on business-to-business (B2B) models. These sectors include B2B, B2B2C, and SaaS (software-as-a-service), as well as any other type of business. This course is sponsored by Alchemist, an industry leader who supports BKB startups.

About the Alchemist:

Alchemist is an enterprise-sponsored initiative that focuses on the development of seed-level businesses that generate income from organizations (not consumers). CB perceptions have given the alchemist a high rate of success based on the medium level of financial support. Find out more at or email

International preparation team – This group includes different startups of all levels and will be an industrial agnostic. The goal of this group is to target Japanese start-ups early on with global expansion. This will be the largest team and will be treated equally by two Silicon Valley and Tokyo-based accelerators. These are WiL (World Innovation Laboratory) and plug-ins and games, both of which have extensive experience and extensive Native Japanese business professionals who support Japanese startups.

About WiL

WiL, a US-Japan-based VC, is government-owned and operated by international corporations in Japan and throughout Asia. WiL helps American startups expand into Japan and Asia, and helps Japanese startups expand around the world. The company is working with its investors to develop their own innovations through new business innovations, leadership initiatives and organizational change. Visit for more information.

About Plugin and Play:

Plugin and Play is a leading innovation platform that connects startups, corporations, corporate capital companies, universities and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is available in 40+ locations on five continents. Visit for more information.

University / Deep Tech Team This group includes startups or sponsors from top universities in Japan. These universities are eager to raise funds for their amazing in-depth technologies that cover a wide range of sectors and address challenging challenges. They want to develop programs similar to the top American universities that produce competitive beginnings from researchers and students. The course will be hosted by Berkeley Skydeck, a world leader in startups.

About Berkeley SkyDeck:

Named the five fastest-growing American universities in Forbes, Skydick combines hand research with the university’s vast research resources. SkyDeck is the only accelerator for direct beginners from the SkyDeck Fund to UC Berkeley through a public-private partnership. For more information, visit

About Jetro: Japan’s creative history sets industry standards. Jetro is a Japanese government agency responsible for promoting trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Jetro provides support and support to US companies entering the Japanese market and to Japanese companies expanding overseas. Jetro has more than 70 offices around the world, including six in the United States. Jetro provides a wide range of services, including marketing information, business development support and trade seminars, all designed to encourage business partnerships between US companies and Japan. For more information, visit

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