Japanese beginner construction ship with 220 MWh battery storage to bring home renewable energy

Providing PowerX Power ARK, ‘Power Transfer’. Image capture PowerX

In Japan, offshore wind turbines have begun to build a battery-powered offshore battery storage tank.

Startup PowerX has come up with the concept of Power ARK, called “Power Transfer”. The company announced last week that it has partnered with Imabari Ship Building Company to develop a prototype by the end of 2025, according to the European Commission.

The idea is to replace ships currently transporting fuel to Japan and elsewhere and facilitating renewable energy supply. A.D. Statistics from the Japan Natural Resources and Energy Agency in 2019 show that 85% of the country’s energy comes from offshore carbon offsets.

Future Power ARK Electric Container Ship 220MWh Battery Capacity The ship itself is powered by a combination of electricity and biodiesel.

On December 2, the partnership with Imabari Shipbuilding, one of Japan’s two largest shipping companies, came into effect. According to the Capital and Trade Cooperation Agreement, Imabari has invested ¥ 1 billion ($ 8.86 million) in PowerX.

Couples build prototypes together with any important third party. Startup prepares the battery storage system and battery-connected systems.

PowerX was co-founded earlier this year by tech entrepreneur Masahiro Ito and co-founded by Northvolt co-founder and COO Paolo Serututin.

The company plans to build its own automated gigabyte in Japan to connect batteries to external batteries. The annual production capacity of 1GWh is targeted at 2024 and is planned to increase to 5GWh by 2028.

“Recognizing the carbon mixed community is a major challenge for the shipping and shipping industries,” said Yukito Higgaki, president of Imabari Shipping.

“Unlike the current shipping and transportation industries, we see this union as a great opportunity to invest in the evolving Imabari shipbuilding and partner with PowerX.”

“Through this partnership, Power ARK aims to jointly develop and promote a product such as MADE in JAPAN to the world,” said Masahiro Ito, CEO and Deputy Director of Power ARK.

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