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San Diego: (Business Wire) -ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announces new long-term financial partnership with SAS GAIA. This will enable the French eco-tourism company to rebuild the 15-year-old Chate de Benais.Th Century, 17Th Century and 19Th With an orange and three-hectare market garden that can feed up to 300 people a year.

The project will provide hotel and food supply activities that will lead to the purchase of water, food and energy in response to environmental challenges and access to energy resources.

The property is located in the heart of the tourist attractions at the Leir Valley Palace, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indre-et-Loir. SAS GAIA’s partner in this project is SID PARTNERS, a French company engaged in engineering and infrastructure projects.

Carlos Santos, President and CEO of Etos: This is a very important project of local tourism and feeding 300 people a year while maintaining the natural balance and beauty of the area. The project solves many environmental issues by drawing on the local natural resources. As we continue our commitment to invest in European markets, Etos is proud to be a part of this unique project and is particularly pleased that we have completed our first agreement with France.

Paul Vodville, co-founder of SAS GAIA, said: “A shared vision, global power, environmental, critical and social transformation must take place, especially locally, and therefore unite us with ETHOS. I am very happy that ETHOS, the leading player in the transition, gave us the best rating. Thanks to this new partnership, we have recently purchased the world’s first eco-shato hotel, water, food and energy.

About Itos Property Management –

Itos is an independent, US-based company with global fundraising and project finance. By providing financing for public and private development projects on the continent and in every sector, Etos has developed a unique risk model that allows them to access financing that is not available anywhere else in the traditional financial markets. Etos also advises on project structure and debt restructuring. Etos supports and develops their customers to travel in dynamic markets to achieve their long-term goals with confidence.

You can hear Carlos Santos, CEO of Etos, in Dubai, where he is a guest speaker and panelist at Borderless Leaders Meeting and International Glory at our # 1 gathering of top professionals from around the world. Palace, Dubai, September 29-30, 2021.

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About SAS GAIA and Château de Benais:

The Gaza-based company has created Chete de Benes operations, especially high-end hotels with spa, organic restaurants and garden products, a bar with the region’s finest wines, receptions and seminars. Gaya also wants to participate in the social and social economy alongside local associations, so he accepts young people, retreats and dance courses, or even vocational training in permaculture. Chateau de Benaius will be happy to welcome him from June 2022 onwards.

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